Intelser was an intelligence agency created in 2980 by the Clan Grand Council with the purpose of gathering information on the Inner Sphere. While the more ardent Crusaders had pushed for an immediate invasion of the Inner Sphere, the Grand Council was reluctant to do so given that the Clans had very little up-to-date knowledge of the Successor States. Thus intelligence operatives posing as traders infiltrated the Periphery states with orders to remedy this dearth of information.[1]

By 2984 these spies had somewhat accomplished their mission. They accurately reported that, as predicted by Aleksandr Kerensky, the Inner Sphere had indeed fought a series of brutal wars and had suffered technological decline. However Intelser's operatives did not realize that the Periphery realms they had visited were not representative of the Successor States themselves, which were in fact far superior technologically and militarily. Ultimately the Grand Council recognized that Intelser's efforts had still not provided them with enough solid information on the Inner Sphere, and in 3000 most of the Clans approved of the formation of Wolf's Dragoons to redress this inadequacy. The subsequent reports sent home by the Dragoons did indeed contradict Intelser's mistaken assessments of the Inner Sphere's social and technological state.[2]

The ultimate fate of Intelser is not known, but given that the organization was eventually replaced by the Clan Watch in 3050 [3] and that the Clans lacked solid intelligence on the Inner Sphere between c. 3019 and 3048[2] it is likely to have been disbanded or simply faded away sometime prior to the mid-31st century.


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