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Iota Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)

Clan Blood Spirit.jpg
Iota Galaxy
Formed 3066[1]
Disbanded 3084[2]
Nickname Retribution
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Clan Blood Spirit Touman


Iota Galaxy was formed on York in 3066 to reclaim the initiative in the fighting against Clan Star Adder from some of the most elite Trinaries of the Blood Spirit Touman. There first operation was a joint one with Kindraa Mick-Kreese of Clan Fire Mandrill in an attack against the Adder held Tanis system. [1]

In late 3069 Khan Schmitt led Alpha and Iota Galaxies against the Adders on Albion quickly capturing a Chrysaor ProtoMech factory and by the end of the year had secured 40% of the planet. [3] In 3070 together with Kindraa Sainze the galaxy pushed the attack against the Adders on Albion.[4]

By 3083 the Galaxy had moved to the Colleen system. Here it was one of three Galaxy bid in defense against multiple attacks by Clan Stone Lion and Clan Coyote. The fighting was disastrous for the Spirits and after a few months only two holdings on the planet of Haven remained in their control.[5] By 3084 the Galaxy could muster only a few Trinaries of warriors, and by the end of the years was wiped out. [2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Iota Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)
Galaxy Commander Jeremy Schmitt 3066[6]
Galaxy Commander Boris Johns 3084 [2]


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]


Iota Galaxy[6]


Iota Galaxy[2]


The transfer of Trinaries to form this Galaxy goes some way to explaining the number of Blood Spirit Cluster that disappear from the roster between 3059 and 3067, that battle attrition alone does not account for.


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