Kris Carns

Kris Carns
Kris Carns
Character Profile
Also known as Kris Wolf
Born 25 December 3095
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Steel Wolves
Clan Wolf
Rank MechWarrior
Profession MechWarrior

MechWarrior Kris Carns was a Clan Wolf-in-Exile, Steel Wolves, Wolf Hunters and Clan Wolf MechWarrior, as well as Bloodnamed warrior of the Carns Bloodhouse, during the Dark Age Era.[1][2]

Personal Appearance[edit]

Kris had blond hair and blue eyes.[1]


Clan Wolf-in-Exile[edit]

Kris was initially from Arc-Royal, born there in 3095, as a freeborn child to a trueborn father who was a Bloodnamed warrior of the Carns Bloodhouse. During her early years she spent much of her time around the Warden Wolves and the Kell Hounds, though the extent of her involvement with either is unknown, due to her generally secretive and silent nature.[1][2]

Steel Wolves[edit]

Kris subsequently travelled to the Republic of the Sphere, where she was successful in a trial to join the Steel Wolves, defeating a veteran warrior in single combat on her first attempt. This victory granted her a command role in the Wolf Lancers Skirmish Star, a unit for freeborn and adoptee warriors, where she provided admirable service.[1]

Wolf Hunters[edit]

Kris continued with the Steel Wolves through their assault on Northwind in 3133, before leaving with Anastasia Kerensky, as a member of her newly formed Wolf Hunters mercenary unit in 3135.[2]

Clan Wolf[edit]

Kris changed faction a further time, leaving the Wolf Hunters, to join Clan Wolf proper. At this time she was able to prove her decent from the Carns Bloodhouse, and was grudging accepted into a Trial of Bloodright, where she defeated all comers. Exchanging the name Kris Wolf for Kris Carns, she was assigned to Ravager Star[2], a unit within Clan Wolf's 88th Wolf Battle Cluster, under Star Commander Markus Kerensky.[3][4][5]


Kris is known to have piloted a CHK-2B-L Crimson Hawk BattleMech named Forgiven. This 'Mech, serial number SF711-09C, was initially constructed by Clan Sea Fox and sold to the Republic of the Sphere for its militia forces in 3110. It was not used in heavy combat until 3133 in Northwind.[1][2]


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