Liberator (Individual Volga-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Volga


The Liberator was one of three Volga-class transports to be active within Clan Sea Fox in 3145. The Liberator and her sister ships Maelstorm and Megalodon were each home to one of the Clan sea Fox Aimags; in the case of the Liberator this was Delta Aimag of the Tiburon Khanate under the overall command of ovKhan Irwin Fowler.[1]

The provenance of the Liberator is something of a mystery; Clan Diamond Shark acquired a single Volga-class WarShip - the CSR Scavenger - from the Raven Alliance in or around 3091 as a result of negotiations between the Snow Ravens and Diamond Shark Khan Nagasawa, along with three Potemkin-class cruisers.[2][3][4] However, no other Volgas were known to still be in service in the Inner Sphere in 3079,[5] and of the only other Volgas known to have been in service with the Diamond Sharks, the CDS Bold Venture and the CDS Speculator, the Bold Venture was destroyed by Clan Burrock forces during the exodus of the last Diamond Shark convoy from Vinton during the Wars of Reaving[6] whilst the Speculator hadn't been positively identified since approximately 3061.[7]


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