Midway Shipyards

Midway Shipyards
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Company Logo
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Primary Site(s) Midway
Primary Products JumpShips

Midway Shipyards is an interstellar Draconis Combine facility in Orbit of Midway.

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Orbital (Midway) (Circa 3067)[1]

President/CEO: Lawrence Maas (Circa 3067)[1]


With a long history of manufacturing Star Lord- and Invader-class JumpShips, Midway Shipyards vessels were known for solid construction and reduced incidences of breakdowns and repair issues than similar vessels from other manufacturers. This exemplary reputation ensured the Draconis Combine Admiralty gave Midway contracts to produce the Inazuma-, Kirishima-, and Kyushu-class WarShips following the initial Clan Invasion. These contracts came with a massive series of grants to expand the Midway yards to cope with the work, tripling the company's size in less than four years. This dramatic increase in the company's fortune trickled down to planet as well, resulting in a level of comfort and satisfaction not usually seen in among corporations of the same size.[1]

Unlike Stellar Trek Enterprises whose attempt to maintain both JumpShip and WarShip production resulted in financial difficulties,[2] Midway reallocated much of the resources assigned to its JumpShip slips to the WarShip program, as a result by 3067 JumpShip production had dropped to an average of one to three vessels a year. [1]

Once a pride of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery the orbital Midway Shipyards took heavy damage during a raid on Midway in 3074 by the Fourteenth Word of Blake Division. After this attack the Combine retooled the shipyard to a repair facility and construction base for their JumpShips. The WarShip manufacturing plant was no longer available after the damage sustained in the raid.[3]


Midway Shipyards had manufacturing centers on the following planet:


Components produced on Midway:[1]
Component Type
Invader-class[1] JumpShip
Star Lord-class[1] WarShip
Inazuma-class[1] WarShip
Kirishima-class[1] WarShip
Kyushu-class[1] WarShip


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