Mikhail Marik

Mikhail Marik
Character Profile
Born 2315
Died 2367
Affiliation House Marik
Rank Captain-General
Profession Noble
Parents Philip Marik (father)
Siblings Geraldine Marik
Spouse Reiko Makayoshi (mistress)
Children Hideyo Makayoshi (illegitimate)

Mikhail Marik served as the seventh Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. He was the brother of Geraldine Marik.[1]


As a young man, Mikhail survived a gyrocopter crash. Despite having suffered a broken arm and fractured ankle, he carried a comrade six miles through a desert with no water.[2]

In 2344 Mikhail met Reiko Makayoshi. Makayoshi was a member of a trade mission from the Draconis Combine. Mikhail started an affair with her, one of many. When Mikhail fathered a child with her, Makayoshi was exiled from the Combine. With the help of his sister the Captain-General, Makayoshi emigrated to the League. The family lived on Atreus, sheltered by Mikhail.[2][3]

Following the assassination of Captain-General Geraldine Marik in 2364, Mikhail took her son Allan into custody and ruled the League as regent. Allan had suffered wounds during his mother's assassination, but he recovered quickly. Mikhail oversaw a brutal purge that targeted the Sian-Mariks, a branch of the family that was responsible for Geraldine's assassination. Mikhail is suspected of having manufactured plots to legitimize his tenure.[1][4][5] Mikhail's motivations for his actions are largely unknown, though one theory is that Knights-Grasse Syndrome, a degenerative disease, made him behave erratically.[2][3]

Death and afterward[edit]

Loyalists rescued Allan from Mikhail's imprisonment. In 2367, an elevator accident killed Hideyo Makayoshi. Mikhail's suicide later that year averted civil war.[1][4][3]


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