Nolan Mordiki

Nolan Mordiki
Affiliation ComStar
Precentor Kantares

Nolan Mordiki was station chief of the Hyperpulse Generator on Kentares during the First Succession War, credited with leaking word of the Kentares Massacre to the Inner Sphere.[1]


As of 2796, Mordiki was station chief of the ComStar HPG on Kentares as the relentless Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery invasion of the Federated Suns swept over the world.[1] With the Draconis Combine forces on Kentares personally led by Coordinator Minoru Kurita successfully pushing the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns's defenders back, outside the small town of New Snowfield a contemplative Minoru was so taken with the scenery that he left his BattleMaster and travelled on foot, accompanied by a small number of troops and a Buddhist priest. It was then that a sharpshooter from the 7th Crucis Lancers shot the Coordinator in the back, killing him. [2] [3] [4] [3]

When Minoru's son Jinjiro learned of the assassination, after he arrived on Kentares he very calmly and quietly ordered his forces to "kill them all", executing one of his generals who dared to question his order. For five months, the Kurita forces systematically murdered everyone they could find on the planet, not even Mordiki's ComStar staff on-world being spared.[1] [4] [3]

Eventually the crew of Jinjiro's Daimyo HQ vehicle were so horrified at the massacre that when the Coordinator left the command vehicle to begin viewing the executions in person, they deliberately passed recordings of the events on to a local ComStar representative. Though not approved or authorized by ComStar directives, Mordiki continued to transmit news of the massacre even as Combine troops were besieging his station. Before long, the entire Inner Sphere knew of Jinjiro's actions on Kentares IV .[5][6] In February of 2797, when Jinjiro left the planet behind, over 90 percent of the civilian population had been murdered - over 52 million people. The Massacre would prove to be the turning point in the First Succession War, reigniting the fight in the Federated Suns while breaking the morale of the DCMS, by 2818 the AFFS pushed the Combine back to its pre-war borders.[4] [7]

In response to his bravery during the Massacre, Kentares HPG commander Nolan Mordiki would ultimately be promoted to ComStar's ruling First Circuit.[1]

In the final deathbed conversation between ComStar founder Jerome Blake and his chosen successor Conrad Toyama, Blake would use Mordiki's actions as both an example and as a cautionary tale. While a clear illustration of how ComStar could successfully manipulate and promote the continuation of the conflict between the Great Houses, Mordiki's had done so openly, endangering ComStar's vital protective aura of neutrality. Ultimately Blake would warn Toyama that any future such actions would have to be launched from the shadows.[8]


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