Noruff (DropShip class)

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Noruff TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Steel Viper
Production Year 3056[1]
Use Assault Ship
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Clan
Technical specifications
Mass 1,900 tons
Structural Integrity 16
Length 73 meters
Width 43 meters
Height 31 meters
Safe Thrust 4 g
Max Thrust 6 g
Fuel (tons) 250 tons
Fuel (days) 135.9 days
Armor 62 tons standard
Crew 12[2]
  • 3 Officers
  • 1 Enlisted
  • 8 Gunners
Escape Pods/Life Boats 2/0
Heat Sinks 96 double
BV (1.0) 11,968[2][3]
BV (2.0) 14,952[citation needed]


The Noruff is an assault DropShip class designed by Clan Steel Viper. The prototype was launched in June 3056 and as of January 3057 was the only known operational ship of the class. Some time prior to 3061, Clan Nova Cat captured a Noruff and named it the Sacred Rite[4]; it is unknown if this was the prototype. It should be noted that availability is assigned to a wide range of Clans by 3061[1] so it is likely that multiple examples of the class existed by that time.

The Noruff prototype was initially used in support of operations by the First and Second Viper Guards on Jabuka.[5]

Sixty percent of the Noruff's mass is taken up by its drive unit and 250-ton fuel tank. A cruising thrust of 4 g and a maximum of 6 g means the nimble ship can actually outperform most aerospace fighters. The ten[2] crew's living quarters, along with the primary airlock and docking adapter, take up the midsection of the ship along with a dual-purpose recreation and mess hall. The nose of the ship contains a cockpit-like bridge, with space for the pilot, co-pilot, commander, and communications officer. Both the commander and co-pilot share responsibility for target designation and weapons allocation, though an advanced targeting computer controls the actual weapons.[2][5]


Although the Noruff is not as heavily armed as some Clan DropShips, its weapons payload is more than adequate, especially considering its high thrust and maneuverability. The majority of its weapon systems are concentrated along the forward firing arc. For ammunition, it carries six tons of Gauss rifle rounds, four tons of Autocannon/20 rounds, fourteen tons of LRM-20 missiles, and four tons of Streak SRM missiles. Armored in 62 tons of standard armor, the vessel can hold its own in almost any combat situation.[2][5]


The Noruff has three cargo bays with one access door each, allowing it to carry a total of 98 tons of cargo.[2]

  • Bay 1: Cargo (33 tons), 1 door
  • Bay 2: Cargo (33 tons), 1 door
  • Bay 3: Cargo (32 tons), 1 door

Named Vessels[edit]

see Category:Individual Noruff-class DropShips

Related Designs[edit]

The basic hull form of the Noruff would later be used in the design of the Isegrim Assault DropShip.[6]



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