Patchwork Armor


Introduced in Tactical Operations, patchwork armor is not an actual armor type per se, but an optional rule that allows different types of armor to be used in different parts of a 'Mech. Depending on the types of armor used, normal restrictions will apply.[1][2]

A common Patchwork Armor configuration is to use ferro-fibrous armor in locations where the empty space would otherwise go unused, or to mount Hardened Armor on the head.


As an Advanced Rule, patchwork armor is not tournament legal.

Construction Rules[edit]

  • Stealth Armor does not provide its benefits when used in a Patchwork configuration.
  • Modular Armor is mounted as separate equipment and thus has no affect on Patchwork Armor rules.
  • Hardened Armor does not hinder running speed on Mechs when it is not mounted on the legs.
  • Armor types which normally occupy Critical Slots will only occupy space where they are mounted, but they cannot be mounted where no space is available.

List of Units that carry Patchwork Armor[edit]

Other Advanced Construction Options[edit]


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