Polymorphous Defense Zone

A Polymorphous Defense Zone (or PDZ) is the smallest administrative unit used by the AFFS to organize itself. These astrographic subdivisions cover a region that contains between ten and three dozen (or more) worlds. Each PDZ takes its name from the AFFS command and logistics center and has a March Militia unit permanently assigned to it.[1] A PDZ is most often commanded by a Marshal, possibly given a temporary promotion to Field Marshal.[2]

In the Crucis March the PDZ is known as a Combat Region.[2][1] This is a holdover from the original organization scheme used by the AFFS. Prior to the First Succession War the entire Federated Suns was organized into Combat Regions. The Draconis Combine struck the Robinson Combat Region, rapidly overwhelming the defenders. When the Robinson Combat Region fell it split the Draconis March wide open, leaving New Avalon open to attack. After the assault was repelled the large Combat Regions were replaced by smaller, oddly shaped Polymorphous Defense Zones that could provide additional defense in depth. Thus an attacker would have to go through two (or more) PDZs that were used to supporting each other. However the Crucis March didn't share a hostile border so the AFFS left its organization alone.[3]


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