Ravager (Battle Armor)

This article is about the battle armor design. For other uses, see Ravager.
Ravager Assault Battle Armor
Production information
Manufacturer Marian Arms Inc.[1]
Equipment Rating N/A[1]
Production Year 3084[2]
Use Defense
Weight Class Assault
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Introduced 3084
Technical specifications
Mass 2,000[1] kg
Top Speed 20[1] km/h

Armor Type standard[1]
BV (2.0) 68[1]


A product made possible from the upheaval of the chaotic Jihad era, the Ravager is an Assault Battle Armor first produced in the Marian Hegemony. Prior to the Jihad, the Hegemony briefly had an alliance with the Word of Blake who, in working with the current Caesar, constructed a Battle Armor production line on Horatius. However, during the alliance, Julius O'Reilly became the new Caesar, and subsequently evicted the Blakists, leaving behind a partially built Battle Armor production line. Julius's son, Cassius O'Reilly, recruited a former Irian Technologies scientist during the Jihad to help complete the production line and give birth to the Ravager.[1]

Dr. Dafyyd Rou designed the Ravager with common technology available to the Hegemony and had the suit in production by 3084. The Marian Hegemony soon began marketing the suit for sale to the open market to help bolster the Hegemony's coffers.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Ravager's principal weapon is a rotary-style Heavy Recoilless Rifle mounted in the right arm. A pair of single-tube Rocket Launchers mounted on the main body rounds out the armor's ranged weaponry. A single Battle Claw is fixed on the suit's left arm as its only physical attack weapon.[1]

The Ravager boasts nearly a ton of Standard Battle Armor, allowing it to survive considerable damage from even BattleMech weaponry. Its other noteworthy quality is its speed, which has been clocked at a brisk 20 km/h.[1]


  • LRM 
    Developed during the Dark Age in 3101,[3] the LRM model downsizes the Heavy Recoilless Rifle to a light model. It also replaces the rocket launchers with a single LRM-3 with eight reloads and carries more armor than the original Ravager, meaning it can survive a hit from a PPC and a Large Laser. BV (2.0) = 78,[4] 404[3]


Designers working for the game company WizKids originally conceived the Ravager. It was designed for their collectible miniature game, MechWarrior: Dark Age, and was first featured as part of the company's Annihilation set release. The Armor was noted as being available for all five of the major House Militaries, Bannson's Raiders, the Wolf Hunters mercenary company, and the Rasalhague Dominion.[5]



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