Republic Formation Treaty


The Republic Formation Treaty established the Republic of the Sphere as a recognized interstellar nation.[1]


The Republic Formation Treaty was signed between the 7th and 15th of March 3081 against a backdrop of week-long festivities. The negotiations that led to the Treaty had begun on Terra in December 3080 with what became known as the Geneva Conferences, a series of meetings and discussions between the various powers that had contributed to the allied coalition against the Word of Blake during the Jihad. Although the Geneva Conventions were attended by representatives and leaders from the various Inner Sphere powers, Periphery nations and Clans, the Conventions were notably boycotted by both the Capellan Confederation and the Magistracy of Canopus. The Capellan Confederation would also be the only Great House to specifically not sign the Treaty when it came into being in 3081.[1]

The result of the Geneva Conventions was an agreement from each of the powers to cede worlds from the former Word of Blake Protectorate to a new buffer state between the various powers, to be named the Republic of the Sphere. Negotiations held in January 3081 saw a number of additional worlds beyond the boundaries of the former Blakist Protectorate also being ceded to the nascent Republic of the Sphere, beginning with an announcement on the 12th of January 3081 by Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion of the Federated Suns that several additional worlds from her realm would be ceded to the Republic to create an additional buffer zone. Three of the other four Successor States, the Draconis Combine, Free Worlds League and the Lyran Alliance later agreed to also cede additional worlds, although again the Capellan Confederation was the exception. These agreements were subsequently codified in the Republic Formation Treaty.[1]

The role of ComStar in the wake of the Jihad was also formalized as part of the Republic Formation Treaty, the secularized Order forbidden from operating its own armed forces or intelligence agency in return for control of HPG administration in the Republic and other commercial ties. The Com Guards and ROM were disbanded, with many of their survivors joining the Republic Armed Forces and its Department of Military Intelligence. [2]


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