St. Marinus House


The St. Marinus House is a MechWarrior sanctuary on Zaniah located deep in one of its deserts. MechWarriors retire to this facility after seeing too much of war. Out of respect for the residents, the local population never tells outsiders where the sanctuary is and it is not shown on any maps.[1]

The community is named for a martyr who chose not to renounce God to win a promotion to the rank of centurion. Because of the men who are here have come of their own free will, the monastery attempts to shield them from the outside world.[2]


Known members[edit]

  • Brother Keith, who came to retirement in 3022 after several year in the LCAF.[3]
  • Morgan Kell spent eleven years at the sanctuary (between the battle on Mallory's World in 3016 until 3027, when he discovered the death of his brother Patrick at the hands of Yorinaga Kurita. Morgan never formally joined the sanctuary itself though.[4]
  • Peter Ardan Steiner-Davion, who joined the monastery after his dawning realization that he was a pawn in the schemes of others, as well as the knowledge of its consequences in the form of collateral damage, he was manipulated by his older sister and sent away by his brother, so he went into an exile of sorts.[5] Peter was pulled from his exile by Morgan Kell in 3067.[6]


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