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Battletech/Mechwarrior Background[edit]

I got into the Battletech universe when I was just a youngling. Actaully, I got into the game during the era that I have noticed that a lot of people do not like. DARK AGE!

How I got into the game was by the Wizkids 'Clix' game. I had so much fun playing the game that I got interested to see if there was any back story to the game. I was overjoyed when I found out about the Dark Age books. I have read most of them and was not fully able to enjoy the background information that was in the books until I read more up on the history of the universe. Now as I re-read the books, I get to see all the subtle 'history' that I didn't know about when I was younger.

There is a local game store where I live where a group of guys comes up every Monday to play the Battletech game. They make up their own scenarios to play and in the process I get to know all the fun finicky things that make the game so cool.

Lastly, I know it isn't anything canonical about the universe in its own right, but I am super excited about the new PC game coming out from PGI. Mechwarrior Online. It is going to be sweet.


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