Veddar Affair

Triggering one of the most intense internal witch-hunts during Raymond Karpov's reign as Primus of ComStar, the Veddar Affair revealed the successful infiltration of ComStar by the Lyran Intelligence Corps during the Second Succession War.[1][2][3]


Following the Blessed Order's involvement in the so-called ComStar War, all the Successor States had begun doubting whether the organization was as truly neutral as it publicly professed. While having sought to gather intelligence on the inner workings of the Order for many years, these efforts increased dramatically in the 2840s and 2850s. The most notable of these attempts was Rosemary Veddar, an agent of the elite Loki branch of the Lyran Commonwealth's intelligence agency who successfully penetrated the Blessed Order. Working undercover, within three years Veddar had risen undetected to the rank of Adept while passing vital information back to the Commonwealth.[1][2][3]

Eventually her luck ran out in 2861 and she was discovered during one of ROM's intensive sweeps through the ranks of the Order, committing suicide before she could be interrogated. The fact she had operated undetected for so long sent shock-waves through the First Circuit. Primus Karpov's response was to enhance ROM's role in detecting outside agents, authorizing them to use lie detection equipment and even Star League era brainwashing drugs on both existing members of the Order as well as all potential Acolytes who wished to join.[1][2][3]

These rather draconian measures had the desired effect, with ROM uncovering and killing more than three dozen agents from the various Great Houses.[1][2][3]


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