Vuspen Beckett

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Vuspen Beckett
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Cloud Cobra
Profession MechWarrior

Vuspen Beckett was Clan Cloud Cobra's ambassador to Clan Blood Spirit prior to the Word of Blake Jihad and the Wars of Reaving.


After spending several years within the Cloud Cobra's Epsilon Galaxy, Star Captain Beckett was selected to serve as the Cloud Cobra ambassador to Clan Blood Spirit after the warming of relations between both Clans and the arrival of his counterpart ilChi Carmen Zadok. While a staple of the bloodiest battles between the Blood Spirits and Star Adders on York, Beckett never fired a shot in anger in his Ebon Jaguar - the Adders recognized him a neutral observer and thus off limits. While not directly contributing to the Spirits' defense of York on the battlefield, Beckett did frequently offer assistance in preparing defenses and devising countermeasures for the tactics of the Star Adder forces.[1][2]

Despite his aid, the Star Adders were regularly able to bypass or otherwise overcome the measures suggested by Beckett, leading some people to suspect that the Adders were somehow able to intercept the regular reports he made back to his own superiors. This may also explain why the Star Adders took great pains to avoid any possibility of even mistakenly firing upon Beckett in the heat of battle, to possibly avoid cutting off their source of information[1] or otherwise damage relations with their so-called Snake Alliance partner.[3][4]


While he never fired a single shot in anger, during his time on York as ambassador to Clan Blood Spirit, Vuspen Beckett piloted an Ebon Jaguar.[1]



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