Wolves (Game)

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Wolves (Game)
Product information
Type Computer game
Development Wolves Team
Publication information
Publisher Wolves Team
First published 2018
MSRP Free to Play
Era Dark Age era
Series MechAssault computer games
Preceded by MechAssault

Wolves is a Mechassault fan project developed by New Day Fiction that debuted late 2017 and is built in the Unity Engine. It will feature a wide selection of BattleMechs and small-large scale maps along with a variety of classic and new gamemodes. The game is still currently in development and has not been released to the general public.


Wolves is a 3rd person shooter with the primary focus on simple mechanics and map interaction. Unlike the previous Mechassault games Wolves is based on, you cannot exit your 'mech. Wolves also does away with the naming conventions in the original games. Instead of each 'mech possessing two variants using both clan and inner sphere names, (or in some cases, names that never belonged to the chassis they were assigned to) the developers instead decided to include some of the designs that the names were borrowed from. (For example, the Puma/Adder is no longer a variant of the Cougar, but it's own chassis. Sporting a similar design to Mechwarrior 4's Puma).

Only one map and a small handful of light 'mechs are functional at this time.



  • River Canyon
  • Tides of War
  • Ill Fortune
  • Scylla's Maw

Game Modes[edit]

  • Destruction
  • Team Destruction
  • Grinder


  • Wide selection of unlockable skins
  • Over 25 planned 'Mechs including new additions from the Battletech universe
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer content
  • Brand new weapons and re-tweaked versions of old weapons
  • Hard-hitting soundtrack by Elijah Compton and Jonty Freack