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Xi Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)

Xi Galaxy
Disbanded c. 3085 (disbanded)
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Parent Command Clan Ghost Bear Touman


Throughout its history Xi Galaxy was the location of the Ghost Bear's most incompetent commanders and the Galaxy within the Ghost Bear touman that attracted the worst of its warrior caste. Xi Galaxy suffered under the command of an abusive Galaxy Commander lacking in tactical acumen during its early years; he was soon challenged and replaced by his second in command, who proved no better a commander. This pattern of incompetent commanders continued well into the thirty-first century; the first real opportunity for change came when Khan Bjorn Jorgensson appointed Bradley Bourjon to command Xi Galaxy.[1]

Bourjon had been a ristar aerospace pilot within the touman until he lost most of his left leg in a severe crash. The prosthetic replacement allowed him to continue functioning, but left him piloting a desk. Despite his resentment of the twist of fate that landed him command of the worst Galaxy in the touman Bourjon was determined to turn Xi around and was an able commander with a particular strength in strategic planning. Bourjon's efforts were in their infancy in the early 3060s, but the warriors of Xi Galaxy were both ferocious and highly loyal to their units - if not their commander, and continued their tradition of furious, direct assaults against the enemy, driving their foes from the field while suffering heavy damage themselves. Bourjon's efforts were being ably assisted by his aide, Elemental Star Captain James, a ristar capable of using raw brutality to keep upstarts in line, and Star Colonel Lauren, a ristar fighter pilot and commander of the Fifty-sixth Provisional Garrison Cluster.[1]

First Draconis Combine/Ghost Bear War[edit]

During the First Draconis Combine / Ghost Bear War Xi Galaxy launched a single offensive campaign, deploying the Fifth Bear Regulars to capture the Draconis Combine world of Richmond. The Fifth successfully captured the planet, only to have a counteroffensive capture their own homeworld, Constance. This forced Xi Galaxy to recapture Constance, only to lose Richmond while doing so.[2]


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In 3079 Xi Galaxy was garrisoning former Blakist Protectorate worlds.[3] At some point over the next six years it was disbanded.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Xi Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)
Commanding Officers of the Xi Galaxy (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Galaxy Commander Bradley Bourjon 3061 - 3067[1][5]


With such poor leadership, it is not surprising that Xi Galaxy's warriors typically perform frontal assaults against an enemy position. Though effective, this typically causes heavy losses for the Galaxy as well.[1]

Composition History[edit]



  • Fifth Bear Regulars[5]
  • Tenth Provisional Garrison Cluster[5]
  • Forty-second Provisional Garrison Cluster[5]
  • Fifty-sixth Provisional Garrison Cluster[5]


  • Tenth Provisional Garrison Cluster[6]
  • Forty-second Provisional Garrison Cluster[6]
  • Fifty-sixth Provisional Garrison Cluster[6]

Game Rules[edit]

  • Xi Galaxy specifically does not gain the bonus applicable to other Clan Ghost Bear units when rolling for Star weight on the Random Weight Class Tables.[7]
  • Units from Xi Galaxy suffer a -2 Penalty to all Initiative Rolls.[7]
  • In any scenario where the Random Mapsheet Tables are being used the Xi Galaxy player may choose all of the mapsheets used for a scenario, rather than rolling, and the opponent generates none of the maps. If the Xi Galaxy player does elect to choose the maps used in such a scenario, the opposing player may veto one of the maps, and the vetoed map must be replaced by a randomly generated mapsheet.[7]
  • If the Xi Galaxy player chooses the mapsheets for a scenario, that player may arrange the maps in any legal placement.[7]
  • The Xi Galaxy player receives a +2 bonus to the die roll made when rolling to determine which player gets to choose their home map edge first.[7]


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