Alicia Fancher

Alicia Fancher WD.png
Alicia Fancher
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Profession Colonel

Colonel Alicia Fancher first distinguished herself as a company commander during the Marik Civil War, and later commanded Beta Regiment's Able Battalion. Fancher's command approach allowed for flexibility and improvisation on her own part, but she absolutely demanded her officers and warriors strictly adhere to her plans and orders. Sometime prior to the Clan Invasion, Fancher took over at the head of Beta Regiment. Although Beta performed well under Fancher, the Colonel's bitterness at being dismissed by after Misery over 25 years before led her to side with Elson and Alpin in their coupe against Jaime Wolf. Fancher may have fostered ambitions to command the Dragoons herself. Her death helped put an end that conflict.[1][2]


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