Boris Tharn

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Boris Tharn
Character Profile
Born 3010
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Position Protector

Boris Tharn


As Marshal

While Boris was serving as the Senior Marshal of the Taurian Defense Force he used his long-standing relationship with Protector Grover Shraplen of the Taurian Concordat to ensure that the first advanced technology upgrade packages received from the Capellan Confederation were sent to his own III Corps, upgrades that were soon used in active combat against the Federated Commonwealth during both the Xin Sheng campaign and the Pleiades Crusade.[1]

One of Boris' last actions as Senior Marshal was to travel to meet with a delegation of the Word of Blake to strategize over how the Pleiades Cluster could be reclaimed for the Concordat, a plan that revolved around ceremonially gifting a Quixote-class missile frigate. Originally, Boris had been due to accompany Protector Shraplen to the planning session but Shraplen was in poor health and dispatched Boris as his representative. When Boris met with the Word of Blake delegation, he learned of the destruction of the capital city on Taurus, via an asteroid bombardment that was blamed on the Federated Suns. Protector Shraplen was confirmed dead, along with many other senior government officials.[1]

As Protector

Following the destruction of Samantha, Boris was the highest-ranking Concordat government official still alive. The other Marshals of the Taurian Defense Force began rapidly preparing for an assault on the Federated Suns, and to the public Boris became the face of the conflict. Frequently seen holding interviews and in the press, Boris worked to soothe the fears and anxieties of the general populace, soon endearing himself to the public.[1]

In 3076 Boris used his popularity and the backing of two of his key aides, Matthias Commager and Victor Sharpe to claim the Protectorship.[1] Sharpe had served as an aide to Boris while they were both serving in III Corps, and Boris' recruitment of Sharpe was a blatant - and successful - attempt to shore up his power base ahead of claiming the Protectorship, with the death of two senior members of the military Junta in 3075 expanding the profile and influence of both Boris and Sharpe.[2] At the time, Boris' beliefs and his future agenda were unknown, but it was speculated that his loyalty to Shraplen would lead him to follow a similar course.[1]

As Protector Boris established the seat of his government in the city of New Chappelle on the Sicilian continent following the destruction of Samantha, although he and other surviving government officials insisted that this would only be a temporary measure and that a new capital - New Samantha - would rise in place of the original.[3]

Popular and charismatic, in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Taurus Boris was constantly thronged with well-wishers and admirers when out in public; his charismatic aura extended to those in his immediate circle of confidence, but those who ended up on his bad side would find their access to him blocked by his numerous advisors and aides.[4]


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