Garth Marik

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Garth Marik
Character Profile
Died 2849[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Parents Charles Marik II (father)[1]
Siblings Philippa Marik
Gerald Marik II
William Marik
Children Thomas Marik[1]

Garth Marik was the fourth son of Captain-General Charles Marik. After the Free Worlds League had suffered from a ComStar Interdiction for three years, Garth was dispatched to Terra in September 2838 to negotiate a settlement with the First Circuit. Despite his youth and significant pressure from ComStar, Garth protected the League's sovereignty and remained adamant that the League would accept only the comparatively lenient terms ComStar had initially proposed before the ComStar War had erupted. By early November Garth had succeeded in obtaining ComStar's agreement in this, and the Interdiction was lifted soon after. [2] [1]

Garth and his nephew Michael were later killed on Asuncion in 2849 when a CCAF assault including nuclear weapons destroyed the League defensive position there. In response his father ordered a deep strike against Capella that proved to be the League's final use of nuclear weapons in the Succession Wars.[1]


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