Swann's Cavaliers

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Swann's Cavaliers.jpg
Swann's Cavaliers
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Edmund Repplier
JumpShips Yes
DropShips Yes
Aerospace Yes
Armor Yes
Infantry Yes


Formed during the Second Succession War, the unit retains their founder's name even though eighty years have passed since a Swann has served in the ranks. In early 3026 the Cavaliers were stationed on Quentin. Responsible for defending the Westham Valley, the Cavaliers were called away to perform a diversionary raid against the invading 36th Dieron Regulars and 5th Sword of Light. The civilians in Westham Valley were killed by the 36th, and Swann's Cavaliers became enraged and assaulted the nearest Draconis Combine unit, inflicting heavy losses.[1]

Having served in the Federated Suns for most of its existence the unit left for the Free Worlds League in 3026 and took up a garrison post on Galisteo were it served as a rapid response force on the Lyran and Periphery border. The unit didn't face any opposition until they were raided by the Thumpers in 3038. Swann's Cavaliers have long been the garrison force on Galisteo and are seen as an occupying force by the independent-minded citizens who have caused the unit trouble over the years, including clashes with armed CattleMaster IndustrialMechs.

As of 3054, they were based on Galisteo.[2]

Swann's Cavaliers took part in Operation Guerrero and destroyed the remnants of the 2nd FedCom RCT on Elgin in 3057. Sometime afterward the unit's contract was offered to the Capellan Confederation who did not like the price the Cavaliers' asked and passed up on picking up the unit. In 3059 the unit was located on Ibarra trying to renegotiate their contract with the FWL. By October 3067 the unit was once again stationed on Galisteo under contract with the FWL, rated "reliable".

While garrisoning the three Trinity Worlds of Galisteo, Cerillos and Sierra the Cavaliers were caught up in a civilian uprising following new taxation laws that culminated in the Bad Rock Massacre in September 3068. They then got bogged down in a nasty anti-guerilla warfare across all three worlds until Camacho's Caballeros swept in, destroying half of the Cavaliers' aerospace assets and overwhelming their Charlie Battalion in short order on Galisteo. Swann's Cavaliers subsequently fled in unmarked DropShips before they could be apprehended for firing on civilians in the Bad Rock Massacre.[3]

As of December 3071, Swann's Cavaliers are charged with Crimes Against Humanity on 3 counts, Attacks Against Civilians on 6 counts, Extreme Breach of Faith on 1 count and Disrespect of International Law on 1 count, with a bounty of 50,000 C-Bills for every officer and 20,000 C-Bills for every warrior levied against them. Latest reports place them on Gibson, in Word of Blake employ.[4]


Colonel Edward Repplier was in command in January 3059. In 3067 the unit was under the command of Colonel Edmund Repplier. Major Cullen Craig, formerly of the Northwind Highlanders, also serves in the unit and is a popular choice to suceed Colonel Repplier.


Swann's Cavaliers are experts in rapid response across the FWL border, and once they have a enemy unit pinned down with their armor and infantry, will move to hit them in the flanks or the rear with their Battlemech forces.



Swann’s Cavaliers (1 Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO/Colonel Edward Repplier
    • XO/Able Battalion: Major Shadra Ling
    • Baker Battalion: Major Cullen Craig
    • Charlie Battalion: Major Muhammad Vandercamph
3 Heavy Battalions, most 'Mechs have Jump Jets or fast movement ratings

Black Swans (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)

  • Wing Commander: Major Orville Wong
Originally Eagle and Lightning designs, replaced with modern Rievers and Stingrays (League manufactured)

Swann’s Trumpeters (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)

1 Light Battalion for harassment and scouting missions, and 2 heavy Battalions for defensive operations

Cygnus Group (1 Reinforced Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)

  • Infantry Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Rodger Young
1 experienced combat engineers battalion, and 1 platoon of battle armor


The Swanns Cavaliers have adopted a color scheme of white with black and yellow trim and the regimental insignia displayed on the right leg of its battlemechs, front right of its vehicles and on the right wing of its fighters. The unit does use appropriate camo schemes when in the field.


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