11th Armored Cavalry Squadron (Clan Star Adder)

11th Armored Cavalry Squadron
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname Messina Missionaries
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy


[edit] History

[edit] Burrock Absorption

In battle on Abion the Cluster suffer great casualties, and it took long time for the rebuilding.[1]

[edit] Officers

As of 3059 the Commanding Officer was Star Colonel Eliza Talasko.[1]

[edit] Tactics

The unit can fight in any terrain and prefers longer engagements, because of their heavy equipment. Most battles follow a two step plan. First the fighter soften the opponent up and then the heavy/assault mechs deliver the final blow. [1]

[edit] Composition

[edit] 3059

[edit] Notes

[edit] References

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