19th Lyran Guards

Insignia of the Lyran Guards
19th Lyran Guards RCT
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
Nickname The Scarlet Guards
Parent Formation Lyran Guards
Formed 2785 (reactivated)[1]


Star League Era[edit]

19th Lyran Guards would have been assigned to the 2nd Lyran Guards Division if active, but the unit had either been destroyed in action during the Age of War or disbanded during the Star League era, and despite the general build-up in the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces that took place during the twilight years of the Star League. The 19th had not been reactivated as a command by 2765.[2]

The 19th was reactivated in 2785 using personnel the Lyran Commonwealth recruited from the 368th BattleMech Division,[1] formerly a part of the Star League Defense Force LXV Corps within the Nineteenth Army.[3]

Succession Wars[edit]

In 3009 an attack on Alula Australis was launched by the Lyran Commonwealth, who deployed the 19th Lyran Guards and - at the request of Cranston Snord - the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars. Snord's interest in Alula Australis was a collection of portraits by the famous artist Davials which had reportedly been hidden there. The attack ran afoul of a hidden fighter base; the Lyran forces were cut off from their DropShips by the 405th Aerospace Wing (also called the 405th Fighter Wing), while heavy ground units wore them down. Snord's Irregulars found the hidden fighter base and managed to destroy enough fighters to end the enemy air superiority, so that their own DropShips could pick them up.The 405th Aerospace Wing was notable for including several rare Land Air 'Mechs, namely a Phoenix Hawk LAM and three Stinger LAMs.[4]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

The 19th Lyran Guards were stationed on Baxter in 3050 when the Clan Invasion began.[5] In December 3051 the Nineteenth Lyran Guards were stationed on Jabuka alongside the Seventeenth Donegal Guards RCT when Clan Steel Viper attacked. The Steel Vipers deployed Alpha Galaxy to capture the planet in what became one of the most extensive battles of the Fifth Wave of the invasion to be fought by the Steel Vipers.[6]

The 17th and the 19th had split into two forces in an effort to divide the Steel Viper forces, but the Steel Vipers instead used massive artillery barrages to hammer both RCTs before sending in teams of Elementals to sow further chaos. When Alpha Galaxy then attached with 'Mechs and aerospace fighters both Federated Commonwealth commands were disorganized and confused. The Seventeenth barely managed to escape Alpha Galaxy's attack at Valairy Ridge; the Nineteenth attempted to retreat into the passes that wound through the Caspern Mountains, but were pursued by the Steel Viper forces. Alpha Galaxy caught up with the surviving elements of the Nineteenth at Alaeni Falls and destroyed the remains of the Nineteenth, winning their first large-scale battle against forces from the Inner Sphere.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Lyran Regulars

Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General

Danny Walters.[7] 3025
Marshal Tommy 'Too Old' Gahertty.[5] 3050


Composition History[edit]


19th Lyran Guards (Veteran/Questionable)[8]

- At this point in time the Eighteenth were a heavy regiment stationed on [[Wyatt] and were at full strength.[8]


19th Lyran Guards (Veteran/Questionable)[8]

- At this point in time the Eighteenth were below forty percent strength, and were stationed on Wyatt.[8]


19th Lyran Guards (Veteran/Reliable)[7]
CO: Leutnant-GeneralLeutnant General Danny Walters


19th Lyran Guards (Veteran/Reliable)[9]


19th Lyran Guards (Veteran/Reliable)
CO: Marshal Tommy 'Too Old' Gahertty[5]


Homeworld Alarion


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