2nd Avalon Hussars

Second Avalon Hussars LCT
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Nickname The Barracks Boys[1]
Parent Formation Avalon Hussars


The Second Avalon Hussars were formed from elements of the Terran Alliance Marines who chose to join the new Federated Suns.[2] The Second were originaly the training brigade for the First Avalon Hussars, but developed as an independent unit as New Avalon found itself increasingly in need of trained soldiers. Surviving the Age of War, the Second remained active throughout the Star League era and launched a number of counter-raids during the War of Davion Succession. The Second were active during the massive expansion of the Avalon Hussars following the repeal of the Council Edict of 2650, but didn't see much action between the end of the War of Davion Succession and the outbreak of the Amaris Civil War, although the Second continued to practise a heavy training regimen to remain combat-ready.[1]

During the Second Succession War the Second Avalon Hussars participated in several actions against the Capellan Confederation and Draconis Combine.[2] In 2891 the Second led a Federated Suns counterattack to retake Robinson from the 3rd Sword of Light.[3]

During the Jihad the Second Avalon Hussars were re-formed from elements of the 42nd Avalon Hussars. Between 3075 and 3079 they engaged in dozens of raids against the Word of Blake Protectorate. They were stationed on Markab in 3079.[4] Many of the Second's officers were graduates of the first post-Jihad classes of the Federated Suns military academies.[5] They were assigned to Robinson[6] to train the rebuilt Robinson DMM unit.[7]



During the Star League era all of the Avalon Hussars were required to focus on being both flexible and mobile, with every regiment required to be capable of deploying within eight hours, although many of the Hussars struggled to actually achieve this. The Second was supported by an aerospace wing, although the wing was primarily attached to the Second to provide ground support.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Second Avalon Hussars (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[11]

- At this point in time the Second were based on Nouveau Toulouse.[11]


Second Avalon Hussars LCT (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO: Leftenant General Archimedes Ukhanov

Second Avalon Hussars Aerospace Brigade (Regular/Reliable)

Second Avalon Hussars Armor Brigade (Regular/Questionable)

  • CO: Leftenant General Fathi Daugherty

Second Avalon Hussars Infantry Brigade (Green/Questionable)

  • CO: Leftenant General Gereon Wojewódzki



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