Second Succession War (Sourcebook)

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Second Succession War
Product information
Type Source Book
Author Chris Hartford
Development Development Team
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Pages 154
Cover artwork Marco Mazzoni (Cover)
Ray Arrastia (Cover Design)
Illustrations Artists
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35236
First published 2017
MSRP Publishing Costs
  • $34.99 (Printed) (U.S)
  • $14.99 (PDF) (U.S)
Era Succession Wars
Series Succession Wars
Preceded by First Succession War


The Second Succession War is a Historical type source book, which was written in the style of a Terran document. It was done originally as in-universe drafted first written in year late Dark Age Era and posed to be a published a nearly century after being written in which it is looking back to events of the Second Succession War.

The book reveals the details of the Second Succession War, in which all the major interstellar nations of the Inner Sphere would exhausted themselves trying take power with all their might in a second attempt conquer former Star League. With only a brief moment of uneasy peace after the First Succession War, the book chronicles the second act of destruction and it reveals ComStar's secret rise of power behind the curtains of intrigue to attempt to steer the Inner Sphere to technology downswing so they may take power.

Second Succession War gives detail accounts of the conflict that would continue to ravage the Inner Sphere and herald it's civilization into the brink destruction.

The book includes; Rules creation of scenarios based on the events of the book, profiles of individuals who were major characters during the war and Conversion rules into various forms of Battletech Gameplay such as Interstellar Operations's Abstract Combat System, Inner Sphere at War, and Strategic BattleForce. Also found in this book is a Mini-Battletech Technical Readout of units once featured in the original Technical Readout: 3025 and later Technical Readout: 3039 with new images formerly known as Unseen.

From the back cover[edit]


By 2821, the “Great Succession War” has ground to a halt, the participants seeking desperate respite and to forge a new peace and hope for mankind. Yet not everyone shares this ideal and soon secret machinations undermine the peace efforts and propel the Inner Sphere into a new round of violence. Soon brother will be set against brother and madness will reign once more: The Second Succession War. The Second Succession War covers the aftermath of the titanic First Succession War and the Great Houses efforts to survive before the machinations of Conrad Toyama propel them into a new round of blood-letting. Detailing the efforts to build a peace while preparing for a new war, this volume showcases the causes and consequences of the Second Succession War, as well as the politics and stresses between and within the Great Houses.




  • In the first publication of the PDF, Jar And The Comstar War, the end year is mislabled as 2742 instead of 2842.


  1. CGL Battletech Developer Adrian Gideon confirms that Paul Sjardijn wrote the short story. Author was not included in credits.