Angela Bekker

Angela Bekker
Also known as Nickname β€œThe Claw”
Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Star Captain
Parents Trueborn Clan Warrior
Siblings unknown as Clan warrior
Spouse none as Clan Warrior
Children unknown

Angela Bekker was a Star Captain in Clan Ghost Bear. She was noted for leading the Stalking Bears Trinary of the Eighth Bear Cuirassiers.

Early History[edit]

Angela Bekker achieved her Bloodname while piloting a Warhawk OmniMech.[1] She achieved the Clawing Ritual in February of 3059.[2] She had to get bionic fingers because of self-inflicted injuries sustained during the ritual.[3] From all this she gained the nickname "The Claw", which she despised.[4] She later managed to master the bagpipes.[5]

Clan Invasion[edit]

She fought on Jarett as part of the Seventeenth Battle Trinary of the First Bear Guards against the Ninth Alshain Regulars during the Second Wave of Operation Revival.[6] She also was mentioned to have been a part of the Fifteenth Striker.[7] It is also stated she fought on Tukayyid.[8]

Posting to Delta Galaxy[edit]

In January of 3062, she was transferred into Delta Galaxy. This came at the request of Khan Bjorn Jorgensson.[9] She was tasked with creating a new Trinary under Star Colonel Dana Vishio, then commanding officer of the Eighth Bear Cuirassiers.[10] She was given first choice of warriors and equipment, which was unusual.[11] She was informed that they were being stationed on Toffen as the only garrison unit [12]

Formation of New Trinary[edit]

Star Captain Bekker worked to form her Trinary quickly. She picked a Star Commander Constant Tseng whom she had met on her way to Alshain as her second in command and in command of the Striker Star.[13] A Star Commander Stone was selected as commander of their Sweep Star. They searched out selected various other warriors. There was a mix of trueborn and freeborn members [14] Their Trinary became known as The Stalking Bears. [15]

This Trinary was composed of three stars. Her Command Star was a mix of assault and heavy OmniMechs, Striker Star was designed to be a mixture different weight classes, and Sweep Star was designed be light and fast 'Mechs, which also included Elementals,[16]


The Stalking Bears assumed garrison responsibilities on Toffen in February of 3062. During their time on Toffen, Clan Wolf initiated a Trial of Possession for Toffen in March of 3062.[17] This trial was led by the 7th Battle Cluster, under Star Colonel Dirk Radick.[18] This was an extended trial fought for 46 days, unlike most clan trials that lasted minutes or hours.[19] The Stalking Bears defeated not only a Trinary but an additional Binary.[20] They managed to force the Wolves into Hegira.


Star Captain Bekker earned the Shield of Tseng, which is the highest award possible for a Clan Ghost Bear Warrior.[21]

Refusal Of Promotion[edit]

Star Captain Bekker was offered a promotion to Star Colonel, an uncontested Trial of Position, which she refused.[22]

β€œ Aff, Galaxy Commander. Especially if the price is my conscience or my honor” ”

--Speaking after the Award ceremony following the Trial on Toffen [23]

Political Views[edit]

Star Captain Bekker was more Warden then Crusader in her views as she told Dirk Raddick following the Trial.[24]



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