Aurigan Coalition

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Crest of the Aurigan Coalition
Aurigan Coalition
Faction Profile
Time period: 2910 - 3025
Classification: Periphery State
Controlled systems: 23
Capital world: Coromodir VI
Ruler title: High Lord or High Lady
Military: Unknown
Secret Service: Unknown

The Aurigan Coalition is an interstellar nation located in the Peripherial region known as Aurigan Reach, which borders the Capellan Confederation and the Taurian Concordat, along with the Rimward Frontier space.[1]



The Aurigan Directorate insignia.

High Lord Tamati Arano II and his wife Sara Arano (nee Espinosa) were killed in an accident in 3022, leaving Tamati's daughter Kamea as heir. With Kamea refusing to listen to her uncle about how to rule the Coalition, Santiago Espinosa decided to take matters into his own hands. Along with his daughter, he would successfully stage a coupe, forcing Lady Arano off Coromodir and taking of the throne, installing himself as "Director" of the realm.

We are here today because if Lady Arano will not act, someone must. I know what I am asking of you. You will face former comrades or even loved ones on the battlefield. I take up arms against my own niece. But remember: today we sacrifice, so that tomorrow we can return our kingdom to its proper glory. To its proper strength! So should you fall tonight - know that you did so as true heroes of the Reach! To your stations! For the Directorate!"

- Lord Santaigo inspiring his Directorate troops before deploying on Cormodir.

As ruler of the rechristened Aurigan Directorate, Santaigo would form a brutal dictatorship in his wake. His daughter, Victoria would slaughter anyone who did not support the Directorate, whether it be civilians or other House Lords of the Reach.[1]

Aurigan Civil War[edit]

In 3025 after three years in hiding, Lady Kamea emerged as the leader of the Arano Restoration movement. This caused a civil war between the Restoration and state forces for control of the Reach.[1] As the Arano Restoration was closing in on the Directorate forces, Santiago covertly instigated the Perdition Massacre to gain the cooperation of the Taurian Concordat to attack the Restoration. Santiago finally conceded to Kamea's forces and gave the throne to her. Victoria on the other hand chose to fight her cousin on Coromodir one last time. With the death of Victoria and the capture of Santiago, the Aurigan Directorate ceased to exist.[1]


Name Reign Descent
Aurigan Trade Partnership
Governor Wiremu Arano 2820[1]
Aurigan Coalition
High Lady Keona Arano 2910 - ****[1]
High Lord Tamati Arano I **** - 2988
High Lord Tamati Arano II 2988 - 3022
Aurigan Directorate
Director Santiago Espinosa 3022 - 3025[2]


This is the initial setting for the Harebrained Schemes BattleTech video game.[1] At this time, there has been no statement by CGL about incorporating the state nor the region into canon.

Historical Maps[edit]


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