Bullard's Armored Cavalry

Bullard's Armored Cavalry was a mercenary unit led by Colonel Frank Bullard that lasted until the Jihad.

Bullard's Armored Cavalry
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Frank Bullard
Disbanded 3076[1]
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor yes
Infantry yes


The unit stayed for most in of its existence in CCAF employment. In 2987 they invaded Aosia and captured a huge amount of gold. In 3027 the mercenaries assaulted Davionists again, but this time to get money from the FedSun troops. The unit was stationed on Caph V and fought for their own goals. 3058 was the last time for such opportunistic actions. One company commander split from their parent formation and left the Inner Sphere for the Periphery and formed Larsen's Loners. This internal fight left the command shattered and only a new contract could save it.


The command made a new contract with the Circinus Federation which was backed by the Word of Blake and was aimed against the Marian Hegemony. In 3072 Bullard's Armored Cavalry landed on Galatea alongside the 11th Division and 47th Shadow Division. They assisted the Word of Blake in taking the world, along with the Martian Cuirassiers and Gray's Ghosts. To land on the world, the Word units masqueraded as the Northwind Highlanders.[2] Bullard's Armored Cavalry was still on Galatea when the Coalition launched a major offensive to recapture the planet in 3075, and by February 3076 had been wiped out to a man.[1][3]


Colonel Bullard served the CCAF before joining the command.


Their fast units lure the enemy into a trap, then the heavier unit close in for a final strike.


The unit's trio of DropShips (a Fortress and two Unions) can transport the entire unit at once. The techs are overworked to keep the unit in fighting shape.

Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: D-



Bullard's Armored Cavalry (1 Battalion) (Green/Reliable) - CCAF[4]


Bullard’s Armored Cavalry(1 Battalion/Regular/Questionable)

  • CO/1st Company: Colonel Frank Bullard

- Heavy and Assault 'Mechs

  • XO/2nd Company: Major Markus Teng-Li

- Fast Light/Medium 'Mechs for harassing maneuvers

- Light 'Mechs for recon duties

- Many old designs, only the command lance field sophisticated equipment

Bullard’s Armored Lancers(2 Companies/Regular/Questionable)

  • Armor Commander: Captain Willie "Popcorn" Hollis

- The hover tanks are supported by infantry with battle armor


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