Marshal Ney

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This article is about the Essex-class WarShip. For the Gazelle-class DropShip, see Marshal Ney (Gazelle).

Marshal Ney
Vessel Profile
Previous names Tracy
Type WarShip
Class Essex


In 3061 the Essex-class destroyer CDS Tracy was a WarShip in service with the Clan Diamond Shark touman alongside her sister ship, the CDS Sharon.[1]

As of early 3059 both destroyers were reportedly stationed at the Attenbrooks orbital trade post and fleet base in the deep periphery.[2]

In 3085 the Coral Skate was stationed as garrison force on the ship.[3]

The Dark Age[edit]

In or around 3090 the Raven Alliance found its need for a dedicated transport fleet of WarShips lessening, and Diamond Shark Khan Nagasawa saw an opportunity for a beneficial trade. In 3091 he proposed to Clan Snow Raven that four Diamond Shark WarShips be exchanged for four Snow Raven WarShips. This proved a contentious proposal for the warriors of the Snow Raven touman, but ultimately the trade was agreed. The Diamond Sharks transferred four WarShips to the Snow Ravens - the Nightlord-class battleship Terror of the Deep, the Essex-class destroyers Tracy and Architeuthis and the Fredasa-class transport Swift Strike - and in exchange received three Potemkin-class cruisers (the Epimetheus, Treachery and Wild Swan) and the Volga-class transport Scavenger.[4][5][6]

The Raven Alliance renamed the Tracy and the Architeuthis to the Marshal Ney and the Mulhacén and they formed two of the ships of the Alliance Naval Star based out of the Dante system. By 3101 the bulk of the Raven Alliance WarShip fleet had been mothballed, but the Marshal Ney remained active throughout the Dark Age, serving alongside the Nightlord-class Lynn McKenna as the only two active ships from the Alliance Naval Star. The Lynn McKenna and the Marshall Ney engaged in numerous skirmishes with forces from the Draconis Combine during the Dark Age, and between 3095 and 3134 ships from the Alliance Naval Star would win the McKenna Wheel no less than twelve times.[4]

When Star Admiral Iqbal Lankenau was elected saKhan in 3132 his successor was Star Admiral Loretta Gilmour. Under Admiral Gilmour the Marshal Ney and the Alliance Naval Star were a key part of the Raven Alliance defenses against the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns; when the Raven Alliance began bringing their WarShip fleet out of mothballs the Mulhacén and the Fredasa-class Kutkh returned to active service, bringing the Alliance Naval Star up to four active WarShips. The Alliance Naval Star then increased to five WarShips when the Whirlwind-class destroyer William Adams was added to the Star, but the reintegration of the three mothballed ships with the Star didn't go well. The Raven Alliance responded by sending the Star to the spinward frontier of the Alliance for more than a year to conduct training exercises before returning them to active duty and assigning the Star to pirate-hunting missions.[4]

The Marshal Ney and the Alliance Naval Star active pursued pirates throughout the spinward frontier of the alliance before vanishing mysteriously; after a sixteen-month absence the Star reappeared in the Dante system just in time for the launch of the Draconis Combine's invasion of the Federated Suns.[4]


  • It was confirmed via a question in the "Ask The Writers" forum of the official Catalyst Game Labs forum that the Tracy had been renamed the Marshal Ney:
The Diamond Shark fleet (what survived from the Jihad) was turned into ArcShips or traded to the Snow Ravens for vessels to turn into ArcShips.

Terror of the Deep --> traded to CSR (Lynn McKenna)
Nagasawa --> Talismantia (Spina Beta)
Space Hunter --> Caleuche (Tiburon Gamma)
Tracy --> traded to CSR (Marshal Ney)
Architeuthis --> traded to CSR (Mulhacén)
Swift Strike --> traded to CSR (Kutkh)
Devourer --> severely damaged and scuttled over Twycross circa 3085
Kraken --> Fox ArcShip
Poseidon --> Spina ArcShip
Titanic --> Tiburon ArcShip
Tsunami --> ilKhanate ArcShip

  — Roosterboy, Catalyst Game Labs "Ask The Writer" Forum, 26 Oct 2014


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