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This category lists all articles about ultralight-class BattleMechs, i.e. those below 20 tons of mass. Unter current construction rules, which require 'Mechs to mass at least 10 tons and measure mass in 5-ton increments, ultralight BattleMechs would therefore mass either 10 or 15 tons. Some agencies including namely the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery do not consider units below 20 tons of mass proper BattleMechs by definition (see also BattleMech#Ultralight).

BattleMechs are typically divided into ultralight (below 20 tons), light (20-35 tons), medium (40-55 tons), heavy (60-75 tons), assault (80-100 tons), and superheavy or 'colossal' designs (over 100 tons), regardless of their actual battlefield role.


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