Devil's Dents

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Devil's Dents
Unit Profile (as of 3055)
CO Colonel Jack Marmari
JumpShips Yes
DropShips Yes
Aerospace unknown
Armor unknown
Infantry unknown
Unit Disposition - 3055
Regiment -


The Devil's Dents were a loose mercenary regiment under one Oberst (Colonel) Jack Marmari. The unit comprised of highly independent battalions and companies that effectively hired out like individual mercenary units under their own respective name. Their commanders struck individual deals with Colonel Marmari whenever they needed access to regimental resources. As such, the Devil's Dents regiment was an administrative unit or a mercenary cartel more than a cohesive military formation.

Operating out of Outreach during the Clan Invasion era, all three battalions were hired for missions against the Clans by the Draconis Combine, but suffered heavy damage around 3055 that left the unit in shambles and tethering on the brink of bankruptcy. They were subsequently unwilling to accept new missions against the Clans, which they felt they could not stand up to in their condition. This marked the mercenaries useless in the eyes of their former employers, and even a security risk as it was feared the money-starved unit might somehow sell critical data that they had obtained during their employment with the Combine. Consequently, hired assassins decimated the unit on Outreach on the night from 12 to 13 April 3056. Only a small number of (former) unit members and associates survived, plus a small handful of members who managed to escape aboard the Overlord-class DropShip Mephisto. George Bear was one of the notable survivors, taking a Commando with him when he realized the unit was no more.[1]


The Devil's Dents mercenaries appear first as unnamed opponents, and later as the protagonist's unit in several novels in the German-only Bear Cycle. Since these books do not fall under the current definition of Canon (because they were never published in english), they and the information therein—namely the Devil's Dents mercenary unit as described—must be considered apocryphal.


Red Devils[edit]

Described by Colonel Marmari as his own 'Mech company. They were successful on their last assignment and were scheduled to embark on a new mission in mid-April 3056 when the Devil's Dents were destroyed. It is implied that Red Devil company also served as a trainer company within the regiment.[2]

Doom Angels[edit]

Led by Major Kyle Thornhill, the Doom Angels were a mixed battalion rated Veteran and consisting of a BattleMech company, a company of jump troops, and an infantry company with some armed hovercraft.

They were hired by the Draconis Combine to harry Clan Ghost Bear through a series of raids. The Clan Watch may in turn have instigated these operations through feeding them false information though.[3] For their part, the Doom Angels were trying to obtain Clan salvage, but fared poorly most of the time. They crushed George Bear's forces on Setubal on 30 September 3054, took him prisoner and salvaged a Summoner (Thor).[4] However, their JumpShip Dark Duke was crippled immediately upon emerging after their withdrawal to Kiamba. They subsequently also sacrificed the already heavily damaged Leopard-class DropShip Hellcat, and ultimately the remains of the Doom Angels left the system aboard the Mephisto to rendezvous with the rescue JumpShip Heaven's Sake that the regiment had provided.[5]

Team Reißzahn[edit]

This Devil's Dents battalion had their three Union-class DropShips (Allende, Melville and Kipling) subjected first to orbital bombardment, then to an Arrow IV artillery attack in an action against Clan Smoke Jaguar on an undisclosed world in or shortly before 3056. The DropShips could not take off and their JumpShip Heaven's Sake was forced to jump to avoid approaching aerospace fighters (this allowed the Heaven's Sake to rescue the Doom Angels from Kiamba). Nothing was heard from Team Reißzahn again, but for a lack of confirmation of their destruction they were provisionally listed as "missing in action" and not as destroyed.[6]

Little Devil[edit]

A company of unknown composition, apparently associated with the DropShip Sulfur Smoke. Hired to fight Clan Nova Cat with mixed results, they withdrew to Wolcott with losses where they lost their JumpShip Spirit of Doom. They returned to Outreach on a Kurita freighter.[6]


A company of unknown composition, apparently associated with the DropShip Hellfire. They operated alongside Little Devil company during their last mission and suffered similar losses. Their DropShip suffered a crashlanding on Wolcott, necessitating a complete overhaul. The company was implicitly still stranded on Wolcott when the Devil's Dents regiment was destroyed.[6]


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