Enhanced Prosthetic (Electromagnet)


A common tool used by field agents with Enhanced Prosthetics Electromagnet enhancements could be applied to the artificial hands and feet to scale metal surfaces without climbing gear, or even hang upside-down on a metal overhang without fear of falling. This required either both hands or both feet to be modified. The magnets were also powerful enough to allow an agent to pull metal objects up to 5 kilograms in weight towards themselves.[1]

As with other prosthetic enhancements these were employed only by the intelligence agencies of the Inner Sphere with agents who already had a Type 3 or superior prosthetic hand and/or foot. The Clans were too philosophically opposed and the Periphery too poor to make use of them beyond rare cases.[2] Among the Manei Domini this upgrade was available to all agents with the necessary prosthetic limb and were even more powerful, allowing an object 15kg in weight to be pulled towards the agent.[3]


In CBT if a majority of a conventional infantry platoon is equipped with Electormagnet limbs they receive a -2 modifier to any Anti-'Mech Leg or Swarm attacks. In RPG play this limb has the following statistics in addition to all rules associated with enhanced limbs.[3]

Equipment Ratings: D/C/C
Range: 1/2/3/5 meters
Cost: 700
Notes: Power Usage: 2/min; 5kg max.; -1 TN modifier to Climbing (magnetic, per limb)



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