Enhanced Prosthetic (Grappler)


A common tool used by field agents with Enhanced Prosthetics, Grappler enhancements were a type of low-tech alternative to electromagnetic enhancements. Concealed within the prosthetic limb was a high-pressure launcher capable of firing a thin but sturdy weighted line. The line could not only be used to climb, but also ensnare a target or reel in an object up to 50 kilograms in weight towards the agent, regardless of the agent's actual strength.[1]

As with other prosthetic enhancements, these were employed only by the intelligence agencies of the Inner Sphere with agents who already had a Type 3 or superior prosthetic limb. The Clans were too philosophically opposed and the Periphery too poor to make use of them beyond rare cases.[2] Among the Manei Domini, this upgrade was available to all agents with the necessary prosthetic limb, but could be used to reel in a target up to 150kg in weight.[3]


In CBT, if a majority of a conventional infantry platoon is equipped with Grappler limbs they receive a -2 modifier to any Anti-'Mech Leg or Swarm attacks. In RPG play, this limb has the following statistics in addition to all rules associated with enhanced limbs.[3]

Equipment Ratings: C/C/C
Range: 2/5/8/12 meters
Cost: 500
Notes: 50kg max.; -4 TN modifier to ensnare or climb



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