Ervin Rebelke

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Ervin Rebelke
Born 3030
Affiliation Lion City Stables

Ervin Rebelke (b. 3030 - d. ????) was the 3065 to 3066 Solaris Games Grand Champion.


In 3051 Ervin Rebelke was fighting for Lion City Stables and ranked twelfth in the Solaris Top Twenty. Tall and blond, his face wearing a perpetual wide-eyed expression as if was baffled by all the attention, the gangling and likable Ervin Rebelke was considered to be a natural MechWarrior, on track to become a Top 5 contender unless he made a huge mistake or burnt out.[1]

By 3062 Rebelke had indeed become a seasoned contender, ranked third in the Top Twenty, fighting against the likes of then-Champion Theodore Gross and Evelyn Czerny. [2] Following the death of Gross and forced retirement of the crippled Czerny, Rebelke finally won the Championship in 3065. He would command the arenas of Solaris for the next year, winning the 3066 Championship as well, until his Atlas was defeated in spectacular fashion by a resurgent Kelley Metz' Ti Ts'ang in the rebuilt Steiner Stadium. [3]

Rather than challenge Metz to try and regain his title, Rebelke opted to retire from the Solaris Games and become a sports commentator on holovid show MechTalk, replacing its long-time host Todd Richards.[3]


For most of his career Rebelke piloted a customized Atlas in a simple and straight-forward manner, wading straight into an enemy firestorm, counting his massive 'Mech ability to weather such punishment to score serious hits on his opponent. While often simplistic, Rebelke was not foolhardy or relentless, often holding onto a strong point silently daring his enemies to come after him.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Evelyn Czerny
Solaris VII Grand Tournament Champion
3065 - 3066

Succeeded by
Kelley Metz


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