House Davion Family Tree

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House Davion is the dynastic ruling family of the Federated Suns.

Family Tree[edit]

June Seevers
Robert Davion
Suzanne Marsin
Greta Bulow
Adam Davion
Nathan Duvall
No Issue[1]
Reynard Faber
Gerome Davion
Jennifer DuVall
Martin Duvall
Marie Faber
Lucien Davion
Louis Marsin
Joseph Marsin
Charles Davion
Reynard Davion
Jeanne Remoix
Marion Michaels
Etien Davion
Paul Davion
Margethe Svensdatter
Marie Davion
Edmund Davion
Edward Davion
Rachel Masters
Simon Davion
Elizabeth Caldwell
Arthur Davion
James Davion
Janet Solway
Ellen Davion
Lisa Hamptom
Roger Davion I
Albie Davion
Carmen Estavez
William Davion
Varnay Family
Sondra Black
Edward Davion
Laura Davion
Cassandra Davion
David Varnay
Cynthia Varnay
Alexander Davion
Veronique DuVall
House Varnay
Mary Gordon
Vincent Davion
Roger Davion II
Melinda Davion
Henry Davion
Lious Davion
Veronica Davion
Lawrence Davion
Davions of Victoria
House Sanromea-Davion
Davions of Royal
Davions of Ridgebrook
House Halder-Davion
Davions of Lee
Ian Davion
Elizabeth Collins
Zane Davion
Elaine Romera
Mark Holt
Sarah Davion
Samuel Davion
Diana Worth
Matthew Davion
Linda Chee
James Holt-Davion
Roger Davion
Lois Chandler
Davions of Beaumont
Sato Kurita
Mary Davion
Joseph Davion
Caitlin O'Mara
Roxanne DuPres
Richard Davion
Leonard Davion
Janet Ross
Susan Rand
Joseph Davion
John Davion
Edwina Winter
Mark Rand-Davion
Joshua Davion
Mary Halder-Davion
House Rand-Davion
Elise Stewart
Paul Davion
Peter Davion
Michael Davion
Michael Davion
Katherine O'Connell
Carl Davion
Melissa Davion
Joseph Davion II
Olga Zhukoff
House Hasek
House Kurita
House Marik
Patricia MacPherson
Peter Davion
House SteinerHouse Sandoval
George Hasek
Simone St. Clair
Andrew Davion
Jennifer Campbell
Katrina Steiner
Michael Hasek-Davion
Marie Davion
Ian Davion
Hanse Davion
Melissa Steiner
Kym Sorenson
Morgan Hasek-Davion
Omiko Kurita
Victor Steiner-Davion
Isis MarikKatherine Steiner-DavionPeter Steiner-Davion
Marie HussfielArthur Steiner-DavionYvonne Steiner-Davion
Tancred Sandoval
George Hasek IIAngela HasekCyrus Hasek
Kitsune KuritaJade DavionBurton DavionLee DavionAlaric Wolf[2]Hanse Steiner-Davion
Harrison Davion
Gavin Marik-DavionSimone DavionNessa Davion
Caleb Davion


  1. note in on the family tree from House Davion (The Federated Suns)
  2. The son of both Victor and Katrina Steiner-Davion, born from an Iron Womb