Jonah Levin

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Jonah Levin
Born 10 July 3082[1]
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Exarch of the Republic

Jonah Levin (Born 3082[1][2]) - Republic of the Sphere citizen, officer, MechWarrior, Paladin of the Sphere, and Third person to hold rank of Exarch.

Character Brief[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Joined the Republic Military as a rare MechWarrior officer. He was called into service against the Liao incursion in 3110 by the renegade Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai.[3] His militia force was sent deep into Capellan place to world of Kurragin. There using an old STG-5 Stinger BattleMech, he led his infantry forces against the rogue Capellan warrior house in what became the Battle of Kurragin. Though wounded in the battle, he was awarded with Knighthood in the Republic of the Sphere.

In service as Knight & Later Paladin of the Sphere[edit]

Jonah Levin was raised to the rank of Paladin on the 9th of July 3132.[4] As a Republic Paladin, Levin was instrumental in the exposure and downfall of the Black Paladin, Ezekiel Crow. An agent employed by Levin discovered the fate of Northwind messenger Lt. Owain Jones, and recovered evidence of Crow's betrayal that he had carried to Terra ahead of Countess Tara Campbell and the Steel Wolf invasion. This information led to an attempt on Levin's life, thwarted by his own skills and the timely arrival of his agent. After a short consultation with Countess Campbell and Jacob Bannson, the evidence was released to the general public through tri-vid news and presented to Exarch Redburn. This precipitated the one-on-one battle between Campbell and Crow in the face of the Steel Wolves invasion.

Exarch Redburn later appointed Levin to investigate the death of Paladin Exemplar Victor Steiner-Davion just prior to the election of a new Exarch. Once again, Levin prevailed as his agent discovered the man responsible for Victor's death. Using information gained by dubious interrogation tactics from the contracted "fixer," and with the help of Paladins Heather GioAvanti and Gareth Sinclare Levin then exposed to the entire conclave of Paladins the project Victor had been working on, implicating the Republic Senate in a plot to take control of the Republic government by means of sponsoring young academy graduates into positions as Knights to be elevated.

Paladin Jonah Levin

Exarch of the Republic of the Sphere[edit]

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As the new Exarch of the Sphere succeeding Damien Redburn, Levin was left facing the fallout from the continued lack of a working HPG Network. This led to his decision to enact the Fortress Republic plans, sealing off an expanded Prefecture X from the rest of the Inner Sphere on 1 October, 3135.

Titles and Ranks[edit]

Preceded by
Paladin the Republic

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Damien Redburn
Exarch of the Republic

Succeeded by


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