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Often considered the least effective of the Great House intelligence service of the Inner Sphere, SAFE is the intelligence agency of the Free Worlds League. Nevertheless it managed to carry out several missions against the Lyran Commonwealth and the Capellan Confederation.[citation needed]


The National Intelligence Agency - The League's First Intelligence Agency[edit]

Though the formation of the Free Worlds League resulted in the combination of strategic resources under a single authority, fear the League would not prove to be long lived meant its member states heavily resisted disbanding their individual intelligence agencies in favour of single central government agency. The limitations and logistical problems of having six different intelligence agencies came to a head during Captain-General Juliano Marik's war against the Stewart Confederacy, the Marik helping to narrowly push through a bill in August 2317 to create a single unified Free Worlds League intelligence bureau, overseen by the Minister of Intelligence in peacetime and by the Captain-General during a crisis.[1]

From its formation, the NIA conducted both internal and external operations, attracting a reputation during the the first few centuries of its existence for fastidious research, detective work and analysis more so than brutality or the romanticized image of a debonair spy. By the post-Reunification War era however, the NIA had developed into an extremely closely knit organisation that considered itself a society onto itself, using its abilities to hide and cover up its excesses. The NIA's abuses finally came to light with the release of NIA Unmasked by former NIA Director of Intelligence Shannon Cantrell, revealing for example that NIA Accounting Division prepared two sets of internal costings from 2588 to 2631, one for internal use and one for the Parliament's NIA Oversight Committee, with even the organisation itself unaware of every operation its various cells enacted. The scandal arising from these extralegal activities led Parliament to revoke the organisation's centuries-old charter in 2631.[1]

Formation of SAFE and the Scourge of Death[edit]

In 3081, with the dissolution the Free Worlds League, several successor states appeared, each maintaining its own version of SAFE.[citation needed]

SAFE is divided into three subdivisions, shown below:


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