Sigma Galaxy (Clan Wolf)

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Sigma Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Clan Wolf touman


Clan Invasion[edit]

Prior to the division of Clan Wolf into the Crusader Wolves and Clan Wolf-in-Exile Sigma Galaxy was a garrison galaxy within the Clan Wolf touman. Khan Vlad Ward had Sigma retrained and restructured in a show of strength after the resurgence of Clan Wolf following the Trial of Absorption with Clan Jade Falcon; Vlad handed command of Sigma Galaxy to Katya Kerensky along with orders to have Sigma rendered "battle-worthy." Katya passed a single Cluster from Sigma Galaxy over to the other front-line galaxies that were rebuilding, transferred out the worst of the burnouts and solahmas and forged the remaining forces into a new, rebuilt Delta Galaxy, effectively disbanding Sigma Galaxy.[1]

The Dark Age[edit]

Sigma Galaxy was resurrected after the invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth in the 3140s and the subsequent founding of the Wolf Empire. Sigma Galaxy was the second of two galaxies to be raised predominantly from recruiting amongst the Lyran population. Stationed on the border with the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth, Sigma found itself in the unenviable position of not only fighting against their ages-old enemy but also against their former countrymen from the Bolan Province.[2]

Given Sigma's position on the anti-spinward border of the Wolf Empire it found itself struggling to obtain new equipment, including battle armor; as a consequence, as late as 3145 Sigma was still largely reliant on tanks to do the heavy fighting, and Sigma had little choice but to rely on conventional infantry forces, although the infantry were at least equipped with improved small arms thanks to Clan technology. Sigma's loyalty to the Wolf Empire was driven largely by fear of invasion from the Free Worlds League.[2]


In 3145 Sigma's commanding officer is Galaxy Commander Dominic Shaw. His aide is Star Colonel Robyn.[3]


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Composition History[edit]



The Wolf Clan's Epsilon Galaxy was misidentified as Sigma Galaxy in Objective Raids (see page 32).


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