Dorbeng Garrison (Clan Wolf)

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Dorbeng Garrison Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3058)
Parent Formation Epsilon Galaxy
Disbanded 3058


Dorbeng Garrison Cluster was part of Epsilon Galaxy during the invasion of the Inner Sphere. It was a Solhama cluster and its warriors considered the most depressed of all the Clan, so much so that it had a problem with suicides. It also had the highest casualty rate during combat in Clan Wolf.[1]

During Operation Revival the Cluster fought on the following worlds:

After the Battle of Tukayyid the Cluster was rebuilt after it's very heavy losses there. In late 3052, while this process was under way some of its Trinaries were attached to other commands. At this time it was also home to the oldest active warrior in Clan Wolf, Star Captain Ghull aged 52.[1]

By 3054 the Cluster had been assigned to Sigma Galaxy and was stationed on Maestu.[6]

The Refusal War[edit]

The Cluster survived the Refusal War and was temporarily assigned to Epsilon Galaxy in January 3058 as part of the sort lived Clan Jade Wolf.[7] When the Wolf Clan was reborn the cluster was disbanded to provide warriors for newly forming Clusters as Wolves reorganized their forces.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Dorbeng Garrison Cluster
Star Colonel Sanal Wolf 3052[1]
Star Colonel Ilya Kerensky 3058[7]


The cluster was noted to conduct its battle haphazardly with little regard for the warriors safety.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Dorbeng Garrison Cluster [1]

Naval Support

  • 5 Invader JumpShips - Deterrence, Devious, Desperado, Devourer, Deviltry
  • 1 Union Command DropShip - Dagger
  • 4 Union DropShips - Daring, Dark Horse, Darter, Dastard

The DropShips are not specified as C variants, although this is likely.[1] All would need to be heavily modified to carry the Trinaries.


Dorbeng Garrison Cluster [7]

  • Command Star - 15 BattleMechs: 1 Command Star and 2 Assault Stars
  • Alpha Trinary - 15 BattleMechs and 25 Elementals: 1 Nova and 2 Striker Stars
  • Bravo Trinary - 15 BattleMechs and 25 Elementals: 1 Nova and 2 Striker Stars
  • Charlie Trinary - 3 Fighter Stars



The unit insignia was the letter "D" and a Greek Epsilon.


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