Production information
Manufacturer NAIS Dark Mirage Facility, Hyde
Production Year 3053[1]
Model P1-WF
Class Heavy
Cost  ????
Technical specifications
Mass 65 tons
Chassis Endo Steel[2]
Armor Ferro-Fibrous Armor[3]
Engine Magna[4]
Speed 95.1 km/h

2x Streak SRM-2
1x Large Pulse Laser
1x Medium Pulse Laser
1x Small Pulse Laser
1x Machine Gun[5]
1x Anti-Missile System[6]

BV (1.0)  ?
BV (2.0) 1,292[7]


Designed at the same facility that birthed Burke Kale’s Direct Neural Interface project, the Wildfire was designed from the ground up to use a Torso Cockpit. Based on the 3050 era Crusader, the Wildfire was intended to show the new cockpit technology in use. As a result, it became the first documented headless BattleMech. Equipped with a suite of close range weapons, the Wildfire was intended to be a close combat fighter. The lack of any significant long-range firepower made the Wildfire rely on its heavy armor to bring it into effective range.

Only two Wildfire 'Mechs were ever produced on Hyde. Their ultimate fate is unknown.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Wildfire traded the Crusader’s long range firepower for speed and armor protection. Intended to pursue fast-moving opponents, the Wildfire used a suite of pulse lasers as its primary armament. (The pulse lasers’ increased hit probability offset the inefficiency of the Torso Mounted Cockpit.) When in close combat with an enemy, the pair of Streak SRM-2 launchers provided additional firepower without being wasteful. The Machine Gun was very useful for defending against enemy infantry units.

Defensively, the Wildfire mounted CASE in the right torso to protect the 'Mech from ammunition explosions. The pilotless head of the Wildfire contained an Anti-Missile System that would destroy incoming fire while the 'Mech closed with its target.


As the Wildfire was a prototype design, it had no variants.


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