Small Pulse Laser

Small pulse laser.jpg
Small Pulse Laser
Production information
Type Energy (Pulse)
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Introduced Clan = 2829 CGB

IS = 2609 TH

Year Extinction IS = 2950
Year Reintroduced IS = 3037 DC
Technology Rating E
Availability Ratings E/F/D
Technical specifications
Heat 2
Damage 3
Minimum Range 0
Short Range Clan = 2

IS = 1

Medium Range Clan = 4

IS = 2

Long Range Clan = 6

IS = 3

Tons 1
Critical Slots 1
Ammo Per Ton N/A
Cost (unloaded) 16,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) N/A
BV (1.0) Clan = 24

IS = 12

BV (2.0) Clan = 24[1]

IS = 12[2]


Introduced in 2609 by the Terran Hegemony.[3] Pulse lasers differ from traditional laser weaponry, in that instead of firing one powerful beam, they maintain laser beams fired off in quick succession. While offering an overall increased rate of fire, the heat output also increases accordingly. Pulse lasers increase damage because they allow vaporized armor to dissipate from the location of damage. This allows subsequent pulses to reach the target area without being diffused by the vapor.

Small Pulse Lasers, being the smallest pulse laser variant, have a very limited range. However, inside that range they are a lethal weapon, having a much smaller heat buildup compared to other pulse lasers (within the Mechwarrior IV series, they also have an increased rate of fire), making them an excellent short-range support weapon. Due to this the Small Pulse Laser is also a popular option for Battle Armor.

While not designated as such in the names, Clan Pulse Lasers have greatly extended range over Inner Sphere models.


The Small Pulse Laser is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Defiance P5S Defiance Industries
Diverse Optics Type 10P Kessel Diverse Optics Incorporated
Diverse Optics Type 10P Irian Diverse Optics Incorporated
Exostar Delavan Dynamico Limited
ExoStar Pinnacle (Clantech)[4] Delavan Dynamico Limited
Kajuka Type 1P Texlos Kajuka (Aerospace Division)
Magna 200P Betelgeuse Firmir Weaponry
Magna 200P Lopez Magna
Magna 200P Tancredi IV Precision Weaponry
Magna 200P Taurus Magna
Martell Fletcher Flame Tech
Maxell Chukchi III Maxell Metals Incorporated
Sunglow Prism-Optic Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated
Sutel Precision Line Tancredi IV Precision Weaponry
Victory Throb Marduk Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works)
Chi Series New Kent New Kent Armor Works (Clan Steel Viper)
Chi Series New Kent Novy Minsk Armaments Plant (Clan Steel Viper)
Chi Series Arcadia Arcadia BattleMech Plant CM-T15 (Clan Ghost Bear)



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