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Imstar Aerospace

Imstar Aerospace
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Amity


Primary Products Aerospace Fighter

Conventional Aircraft


Imstar Aerospace is one of the largest producers of aerospace fighters in the Free Worlds League.


Imstar's extensive expertise in zero-G construction, along with their extensive facilities around Atreus, made them a logical-if unexpected-choice for the Agamemnon WarShip project. Using experience imported from Illium Shipyards, the Agamemnon project was a complete success.[1] The Agamemnon production line at Atreus was shut down in the wake of the Jihad as the Ionus produced parts stopped arriving.[2]

In the wake of the Jihad Imstar Aerospace was lucky to have little factory damage to rebuild, but found itself under pressure to convert one of the Cheetah production lines located within the Marik Commonwealth to the production of Eagle fighters.[3]

The company introduced the Red Kite VTOL in 3093. It quickly became a favorite of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. Imstar had to open a second production line to keep up with demand.[4]


The CEO in 3067 is Sriparna Antoniou.[1]


Imstar Aerospace has manufacturing centers on the following planets:[5][6]


During the Jihad the Amity line lost a third of its employees, but by 3079 it was operating at 80% of its maximum output.[7]

Components produced on Amity:[1][8][9][10][11][4]
Component Type
Red Kite[4] VTOL
Conventional Aircraft
Defender[10] Conventional Aircraft
AeroSpace Fighter
F-11 Cheetah-R[8] Light Aerospace Fighters
F-12A Cheetah II[9] Light Aerospace Fighters
F-13 Cheetah[12] Light Aerospace Fighters
OF-17A-R Cheetah[11] Light Aerospace Fighters
Imstar 10/f Cheetah[8] & OF-17A-R Cheetah[11]
Imstar DF/25 Defender[10]
Imstar-C 150 Turbine Defender[10]
Fusion Engine - XL
GM 250a XL Cheetah[8] & OF-17A-R Cheetah[11]
Shipil 275 XL
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Imstar Aero-Stealth OF-17A-R Cheetah[11]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Riese AeroFerro 200 Ferro-Aluminum
Riese Heavy Ferro-Aluminum Defender[10]
Communications System
Lassitor 2JA Defender[10]
Lassitor-3QS w/Guardian ECM OF-17A-R Cheetah[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
IMB SYS 3000 Defender[10]
IMB SYS 3600 w/Hyperspectral Imager OF-17A-R Cheetah[11]
Small Laser
Starflash I Cheetah[8] & OF-17A-R Cheetah[11]
Medium Laser
Starflash II Cheetah[8]


During the Jihad the Atreus factory lost a third of its personnel and capital, and by 3079 it was operating its production lines at 55% of their maximum.[7]

Components produced on Atreus:[13]
Component Type
Agamemnon[1] Warship
AeroSpace Fighter
F-11 Cheetah[13][2] Light Aerospace Fighters
F-12 Cheetah Light Aerospace Fighters
Fusion Engine - XL
GM 250 XL Cheetah[13]
Shipil 275 XL
Imstar 10-f Cheetah[13]
Small Laser
Starflash I
Medium Laser
Starflash II
Medium Pulse Laser
Starflash Cheetah[13]


During the Jihad the Marik line suffered no losses and was operating at full output in 3079.[7]

Components produced on Marik:[5][14]
Component Type
Conventional Aircraft
Planetlifter[1][5][15] Conventional Aircraft
Planetlifter Support Aircraft[6][14] Conventional Aircraft
AeroSpace Fighter
F-12 Cheetah[1][15] Light Aerospace Fighters
F-14 Cheetah-S Light Aerospace Fighters
F-60 Light Aerospace Fighters
Imstar 10-f Cheetah
Imstar Type XI Planetlifter[5]
Imstar Type XI-M Planetlifter Support[14]
GM 200 Turbine Planetlifter[5]
Fusion Engine
GM 200 Planetlifter Support[14]
Fusion Engine - XL
GM 250 XL Cheetah
PlasmaStar 270 XL
Shipil 275 XL
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Imstar V-Stealth Planetlifter Support[14]
Riese Reliable Planetlifter[5]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
Riese AeroFerro 200 Ferro-Aluminum
Riese AeroFerro 300 Ferro-Aluminum
Communications System
IMB Hi-Def ComCon w/Angel ECM Suite Planetlifter Support[14]
Irian UHF Planetlifter[5]
Lassitor-3QS Cheetah /Shipped to Atreus and Amity for Cheetah
Lassitor FibroLink
Targeting-Tracking System
Imstar SkyWatch w/LDR Array Planetlifter Support[14]
Artemis IV FCS
Imstar Illuminati
Beagle Active Probe
Imstar Oracle
Streak SRM-2
Hovertec Cheetah


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