12th Mechanized Cavalry (Clan Hell's Horses)

Clan Hell's Horses.jpg
12th Mechanized Cavalry
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Steelhorse Cluster
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy


As of 3059 the 12th Mechanized Cavalry was contracted to Clan Wolf and had joined their forces in the Inner Sphere.[1]

In 3060 elements of the Twelfth were on Hoard and pursued the Fourth Garrison Cluster of Clan Nova Cat during the Nova Cat Abjuration. They were attacked by Clan Ice Hellion's 45th Striker Irregulars.[2]

In 3067 the 12th was stationed on the world of Hoard.[3]

In 3078 the Twelfth joined the 12th Atrean Dragoons, 7th Donegal Guards, and Devil's Brigade on Hsien as part of the Coalition's invasion of the Word of Blake Protectorate. After engaging the Hsien Hotheads and Hsien Protectorate Militia Division on the world, they also fought the 4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry and 4th Tau Ceti Rangers when the CCAF forces landed on Hsien to challenge the Coalition's claim on the world.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 12th Mechanized Cavalry Cluster
Star Colonel Douglas Mitchell 3059-3067[1][3]



Composition History[edit]


12th Mechanized Cavalry (5 Trinaries/Elite/Fanatical)[1][3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Douglas Mitchell



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