4th Jaguar Regulars (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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4th Jaguar Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Nu Galaxy
Formed Unknown


The 4th Jaguar Regulars were a second line military formation of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Post Tukayyid[edit]

Other Clusters of Nu Galaxy were posted to the Inner Sphere Occupation Zone after the Battle of Tukayyid [1] and this is also the likely deployment date for the Fourth. They were posted to garrison Schuyler in 3053 [2] and assigned to guard the important factory complex, previously part of Wakazashi Enterprises, that produced the Sai aerospace fighter. [3] The Regulars headquarters was in Tsurara City.[4]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Wave Three[edit]

  • Schuyler - Seeing such a concentration of force that the Inner Sphere had landed on the planet the Fourth began to retreat to more favorable ground. For three days they retreated until eventually they took up defensive positions in the Mitsuhama Ridge, forming a line of battle. Their opponents the Davion Heavy Guards took up an attacking position to the east while on the western flank was the First Genyosha, in the center was the Tenth Lyran Guards under the command of Prince Victor Steiner-Davion. It was the Lyran unit that attacked first on the 13th August with an aim to break the Fourth's line. The Jaguars used the terrain to their advantage and the weakest point in the center was held by a full Trinary of mixed BattleMechs and OnmiMechs. This is the point that the Tenth pinpointed for its assault. Unknown to Prince Victor was that this defile was held only by an Omega Star led by Star Commander Elyssia Furey in her Gargoyle. Her unit fought a successful delaying action against Lyran forces, personally led by Prince Victor. Star Commander Furey and her Star sold their lives dearly allowing the bulk of the Clan forces on planet to escape.[5][6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Jaguar Regulars

Other Officers[edit]



Composition History[edit]

The Cluster was supplied with a mix of OmniMechs and second line BattleMechs. [7]


If Elyssia Furey does not move she may fire at the end of the movement phase with half the standard target movement modifier, rounded up.[8]


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