58th Battle (Clan Coyote)

Clan Coyote.jpg
Fifty-eighth Battle Cluster
Disbanded 3074 (Destroyed)
Nickname Last Chance
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Parent Command Rho Galaxy


The Fifty-eighth Battle Cluster was stationed on the world of Tamaron between 3060 and 3067.[1][2] By August 3071 the cluster had taken up position on Grant's Station.[3]

In August 3073 the Fifty-eighth as part of Rho Galaxy along with Delta and Epsilon Galaxies arrived in the Vinton system. After a short naval engagement the Coyote Galaxies dropped onto the planet accompanied by three clusters of Society troops. The Shark's Fifteen Cruiser Cluster’s Attack Squadron strafed the Coyote DropShips as they came in to land, prompting to Coyote naval assets to bombard the planet. The Sharks threw everything they had against the invaders including ten of the newly raised Vinton Defense Clusters. The fighting which drew on for many months. In January 3074 the Shark launched a counter-attack at Pearl City devastating the Fifty-eighth.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 58th Battle
Star Colonel Stephen Clearwater 3061[5]
Star Colonel Rhea Kozyrev 3067[2]


The clusters warriors would generally ignore zellbrigen.

Composition History[edit]


Fifty-eighth Battle Cluster - Green/Questionable [5]


Fifty-eighth Battle Cluster - Regular/Questionable [2]

  • 50% full strength


Assignment to the Fifty-eighth was considered the final opportunity for warriors to prove themselves worthy before assignment to a Solahma unit.[5]


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