79th Wolf Battle (Clan Wolf)

79th Wolf Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3150)
Parent Formation Zeta Galaxy
Formed 3142


Dark Age Era[edit]

The 79th would first form along with rest of Beta Galaxy at the founding of the Wolf Empire in 3142.[1] The Cluster began consisting of eldest sibkos turn Warriors, the 79th Wolf Battle Cluster would train hard to maintain it's favor with Khan Alaric Ward as they along with rest of their parent Galaxy tries maintain dedication to the new Khan.[2]

Invasion of Republic of the Sphere[edit]

In March of 3150 the Seventy-Ninth would teamed with the 9th Wolf Guard Strike Cluster as part escort forces of Khan Alaric Ward's Silver Keshik. As part two invasion of the Republic. The Ninth's wave would hit the world of Denebola, where end up fighting conventional forces of the XV Principes Guards. However the Guards were caught off guard by arrival of Clan Wolf, would have fight mobile campaign. The Ninth along with the other Clan Wolf forces would easily wiped out the RAF disorganized defenders outside of city of St. Cameron.[3]

Continuing as part of forces in two waves, the Guards participating in the invasion of Alula Australis in October 19th, 3150 as part Clan Wolf invasion of the Republic and drive to Terra. The Ninth's forces were lead by invasion force leader, Khan Alaric Ward, where Clan forces issued batchall to the world's Republic defenders.

The Republic Colonel would select Auroria Mines outside New Horizon City as Battlefield where he planned to defend against the Wolves trial of possession for the planet. Fight would turn ugly for their Republic opponents after the 11th's commander used trap of artillery strike that would come to nearly killing the Khan Ward. Along with it's fellow Cluster, 9th Wolf Guard Strikers, the Cluster would attack the RAF Regiment's survivors until the planet was claimed and it's strongest of the republics forces claimed as isorte.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 9th Wolf Guard Striker
Star Colonel Trevor 3145[5]



Composition History[edit]


79th Wolf Guard Striker Cluster (Regular/Reliable)[5]

- Cluster in 3145 is at 65% of its fighting strength, consisting of 25% of Frontline OmniMechs.




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