9th Wolf Guard Striker (Clan Wolf)

Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The Arctic Wolves[1]
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Formed 3050s


Clan Invasion Era[edit]

Refusal War[edit]

Like all of Beta Galaxy, the Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster was effectively reborn in the aftermath of the Refusal War. THe Ninth was established using the remnant Crusader-faction wolves from two broken Clusters from the pre-Refusal War Beta Galaxy, and the remains of the Red Keshik, a Delta Galaxy unit. Rebuilding the Ninth took time, but proved worthwhile, as it became the axis around which Beta Galaxy was rebuilt.[1]

The new Commanding Officer of the Ninth, Erik Kerensky, was already a known quantity within Clan Wolf; dubbed "the ilKhan's shadow" in the past because of the differences between himself and Ulric Kerensky, Erik rose quickly through the Clan Wolf ranks after Khan Vlad Ward re-founded the Clan from the short-lived Clan Jade Wolf. Erik Was known for his literal interpretations of the writings and guidance of both Nicholas Kerensky and his father, Aleksandr Kerensky, and having demonstrated that he had inherited the leadership abilities associated with the Kerensky bloodline but none of the Warden tendencies, Erik was noted in the late 3050s for being someone the Khan periodically consulted with over his beliefs.[1]

Civil War Era[edit]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

In the closing months before the beginning of the Jihad, the Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster was deployed on the leading edge of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, alongside the other elements of Beta Galaxy in anticipation of a rapid march towards Terra through the last remnants of the Free Rasalhague Republic.[2]

Dark Age Era[edit]

Attack on Free Worlds League and Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Fighting with it's parent Galaxy, the Ninth fought on as part of joint invasion of the former Free Worlds League space in Operation Hammerfall. The unit along with other Clusters of the Beta conducted decoy raids in 3137. The Cluster would be involved in fighting in the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth as part of the forces claiming Keystone, New Olympia, and Stewart. Their Galaxy would continuously be less than successful dealing with Wolf Hunters mercenary company, as they tried slow down the invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth. In 3142, the Ninth was part of the forces that would land on the Lyran capital world of Tharkad and seizing it's capital city of Tharkad City.[3]

Invasion of Republic of the Sphere[edit]

With rest of Beta Galaxy, the Ninth would be used begin probe the Fortress Republic, conducting raids against worlds of the Republic Remnant as part preparation of invading the Republic of the Sphere's remaining territories.[4]

In March 12th, 3150 the Guards were used as bait for trap layed down against defending elements of Clan Jade Falcon on the world of Skye. In the course of the fighting, the Ninth nearly was destroyed by the Turkina Keshik, had not timely arrival of the 19th Wolf Strikers hitting the Falcon's backlines forcing a withdraw of the Falcons from the planet.[5]

Later in the month, the Ninth would teamed with the 79th Wolf Battle Cluster as part escort forces of Khan Alaric Ward's Silver Keshik. As part two invasion of the Republic. The Ninth's wave would hit the world of Denebola, where end up fighting conventional forces of the XV Principes Guards. However the Guards were caught off guard by arrival of Clan wolf, would have fight mobile campaign. The Ninth along with the other Clan Wolf forces would easily wiped out the RAF disorganized defenders outside of city of St. Cameron.[6]

Continuing as part of forces in two waves, the Guards participating in the invasion of Alula Australis in October 19th, 3150 as part Clan Wolf invasion of the Republic and drive to Terra. The Ninth's forces were lead by invasion force leader, Khan Alaric Ward, where Clan forces issued batchall to the world's Republic defenders.

Colonel Abas would select to fighting Auroria Mines outside New Horizon City. The Clan would fight ferocity after the 11th's commander laid trap nearly kills the Khan in artillery strike. Along with it's fellow Cluster, Seventy-ninth Wolf Battle attack the RAF Regiment's survivors head on. It was noted the Ninth had administered some brutal physical attacks against troops of the Eleventh by utilizing several stars of Dominator-Class Heavy BattleMechs. Despite themselves taking heavy damage the engagement, the Clan by the end of the battle lay claim to the planet.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 9th Wolf Guard Striker
Star Colonel Erik Kerensky 3059 - 3067[1][8]
Star Colonel Emma Radick 3085[9]
Star Colonel Salvatore Sradac 3145[10]



Composition History[edit]


Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster (Elite/Fanatical)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Erik Kerensky
  • 1 Command Trinary with OmniMechs/Fighter
  • 2 OmniMech Trinaries
  • 1 Supernova Elementals/OmniMech
  • 1 Binary Elementals/Fighter


Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster (Elite/Fanatical)[8]

  • CO: Star Colonel Erik Kerensky[8]
- At this point in time the Ninth was operating at full strength, fully equipped with Omni-technology and based on Ramsau.[8]


Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster (Elite/Fanatical)[9]:- At this point in time the Ninth was operating at full strength, fully equipped with Omni-technology and based on Ramsau.</ref>

- Cluster in 3085 is at 75% of its fighting strength, consisting of 100% of Frontline OmniMechs.


Ninth Wolf Guard Striker Cluster (Regular/Reliable)[10]

- Cluster in 3145 is at 75% of its fighting strength, consisting of 40% of Frontline OmniMechs.




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