Aadya Mehra

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Aadya Mehra
Also known as "Mockingbird"
Born 3002[1]
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition
Profession MechWarrior


Aadya Mehra was born in Regis Roost were she worked very hard into several fields, poetry among them. At a young age she was put to train in a 'Mech. She quickly got a catch on it, and though she started as the training joke, overtime she got overthem all. Once training was completed, she went for a job as a mercenary because her family told her that regular militia would have kicked her out.

She has been on short assignments with some mercenary units, trying to set example for rookie pilots while trying to emulate the veteran ones, sometimes to her own embarrassment.

Arano Restoration[edit]

After the conclusion of the Arano Civil War Mockingbird would find herself serving in the Aurigan Coalition's special Rampart Company as part of the mopping up efforts.[1]



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