Abominari Insignia.png
Formed Jihad
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command Independent

Unit Description[edit]

The Abominari were a pirate band largely known to operate in the Fronc Reaches.[1]


First appearing without warning, their origins unknown, the Abominari were a study in contrasts. Fond of broadcasting nonsensical mashed-up passages of scriptures, their DropShips and JumpShip appearing on the verge of disintegration, the pirate band's equipment was actually of excellent condition. Unknown to both the Colonial Marshals and other pirate bands operating in the region, the Abominari operated from a secret base located in the caldera of an extinct volcano on Independence, one of the most populous worlds in the Fronc Reaches.[2][3]

In the wake of the Word of Blake Jihad, with multiple pirate bands targeting the worlds of the less-defended Fronc Reaches in the face of the strengthening defenses of the Taurian Concordat and Magistracy of Canopus, the Abominari reached a loose agreement with Calderon's Commando, Shen-sè Tian and the Brigands that all four would not compete with each other for targets. Developing a rotating schedule of which band would target a respective Reaches world, the Abominari and fellow pirates would launch simultaneous raids, overwhelming the Fronc Colonial Military's ability to respond. The agreement proved perfect until a Brigand raid leader was captured, revealing what he knew to the Colonial Marshals in the misguided belief it would save his life, spawning a secret plan to trick all four pirate groups into striking a trap set on Independence.[2]

On 9 July 3088, two subcommands from the Abominari raided the Reaches world of McEvans' Sacrifice, easily outnumbering the small complement of Colonial Marshals on-world, targeting the Gem District Elias in the city of Caribou Call. The Marshals refused to retreat despite clearly being outmatched as they knew the planetary militia had no realistic chance of defending against the pirates, ultimately being wiped out. As feared, the cowardly militia broke and ran, letting the Abominari have the evacuated gem district unchallenged, the pirates laying waste to unimportant buildings whilst blaring their insane mash-ups of Biblical passages before they finally found the loot they were after and left the world. On top of the heavy losses, the Abominari never found the falsified documents the Colonial Marshals had planted detailing the secret battle armor base on Independence, unaware that the pirates were heading there anyway as their home was hidden in another extinct caldera nearby the Marshals' own base.[2][3]

Initially oblivious to the prize mere kilometers from their base, the Abominari detected the arriving DropShips of Calderon's Commando and Shen-sè Tian, leading the Lying Tongue, the Bloody Hands, and the Scheming Hearts 'Mech companies along with Sar of the Host Zebulun James to investigate the battle site in force on 16 July 3088. Seeing the Colonial Marshals teetering on the brink of defeat, the Abominari happily joined in, not realizing that the complement of Marshals that had attacked the Commando JumpShip were about to launch a desperate combat drop to reinforce the defenders. With the tide turning back in the Marshals' favor, the unprepared Abominari suffered losses of 90% and, worse, were forced to abandon their base under heavy Marshal pursuit.[2][4]

The few survivors of the fighting on Independence fled the world never to return, linking up with the rest of the Abominari, who were raiding the Taurian Concordat when the battle occurred, a combined force that amounted to less than one-third of the pirate band's former strength. The much smaller Abominari would make their way to Herotitus before eventually moving on to the safer hunting grounds near the Filtvelt Coalition, raiding Coalition and Federated Suns' Periphery March worlds for the next five decades.[2][4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Abominari
Sar of the Host Zebulun James 3088[1]


Often operating independently of the rest, each of the Abominari's seven subcommands boasted their unique tactical specialty. The Lying Tongue specialized in flanking attacks, the Bloody Hands in frontal assaults with the Scheming Hearts highly skilled in ambush tactics. The Mischievous Feet were specialized in recon and guerrilla operations while the False Witnesses were masters of diversionary tactics and preparing traps. The remaining two subcommands were specialized by their very nature: the Brotherly Strife featured three separate types of infantry, where the Haughty Eyes were the Abominari's sole aerospace element.[1]

The Sar of the Host leads an elite BattleMech command lance that integrates with whatever subcommand they choose at the time.[1]

Composition History[edit]


The Abominari - (Veteran - 1 'Mech battalion, 1 aerospace fighter company, 1 vehicle battalion, 1 infantry battalion)[1]


  • The Abominari used a unique rank scheme with each of the seven subcommands led by a Sar who answered to the Sar of the Host, the overall commander of the pirates. 'Mech lances, vehicle platoon, fighter squadrons and infantry companies were led by a Rosh. Infantry platoons were led by a Shal.[1]
  • The Abominari used a standard flat gray paint scheme irrespective of unit type. Their insignia was a winking demon's head which was painted on the shoulder of the right-side/wing of all units. 'Mech roshes and sars often paint a tarnished halo on the head, with torn batwings on the rear torso.[1]


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